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Mental Conditioning Course

Are you ready to Build Mental Capacities

Have you ever wanted to understand and change stressed lives for the best?
Do you wish to build up mental strength and reduce stress?
Would you like to increase resilience in yourself and others?

KMG’s Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning Course (MCC) provides participants with a deep understanding of mental capacities such as focus, concentration, relaxation, and resilience under stress. KMG developed the MCC curriculum based on years of training with special forces, police, military and undercover agents, as well as through research into NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

The course is designed for KMG instructors and students, as well as for martial artists and instructors, officers and directors of law enforcement, military and special forces organisations. The course is also greatly valued by executives, managers and salesforce personnel in the corporate sector.

At the MCC, you study the theory, philosophy and practice of mental preparation. You learn how to develop a combat mindset, to cultivate focus and concentration, to promote relaxation, to manage stress, and to neutralise destructive emotions.

As a participant, you will learn learn self-train and instruct students, officers and managers in overcoming mental stress and destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, frustration, and anger.

The MCC deals with handling a demanding physical regime (suitable for groups) while remaining calm and focused, with properly managing mental and physical conflict, and with controlling violent confrontations.

The course’s certification is either a Specialist Diploma or Instructor Diploma – depending on your background.

The Value of the MCIC

Methods, exercises and drills to become better equipped to make the right decision in volatile conditions
Knowledge based on scientific studies and decades of experience of Prof. Dr. Ole Boe, Master Eyal Yanilov, and others
Improves your performance and perception skills under stress
Skills and experience to unfold your community's combat mindset and mental potential
Ready-to-use relaxation and focusing exercises for every situation
Reinforced or increased reputation and credibility in the increasingly important area of mental fitness
Access to a network of like-minded people for support, tips and tricks

Build mental capacities

Change Stressed Lives for the Best

Become a KMG Mental Conditioning Specialist

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