Become an Expert and KMG Ambassador

E Level Test Requirements

What distinguishes a KMG Expert?

The expert levels in the KMG system are associated with special requirements and special responsibilities. Nevertheless, the Expert 1 Level is open to every trainee.
Basically, we take the general view that a KMG Expert is someone who has a broad and deep understanding and competency in terms of knowledge, skills and experience through practice and education in Krav Maga.
Even informally, our experts should be widely recognized as a reliable source of technique and skills and have a specific and in-depth knowledge of Krav Maga that is beyond the knowledge of the average person.

To ensure a structured and honest process that follows international standards, we use the process outlined on this page for the approval and certification of Expert Levels.

The Coming Milestones


Familiarize yourself with and comply with the General Regulations for Experts.


Begin your application by completing and submitting the form below.


Submit your theoretical work as part of the application process.
For Expert 1, also complete the "E1 Online Course" e-learning program.


Attend an E Camp and pass the physical test successfully.

General Regulations

Theoretical Work

The written and theoretical work is an integral part of the requirements to become a KMG expert. This theoretical work should manifest the path of the trainee in KMG and their theoretical knowledge. In addition, we see this work as an aid for other trainees to improve their knowledge.
Therefore, KMG-HQ intends to publish the works at its own discretion after any necessary editing.

A theoretical work can be an article, a book, a thesis, a detailed set of lesson plans, content for a course, etc. It is highly recommended to add images to demonstrate points in the work.

What are the theoretical requirements for the Expert 1 Level?


Approved candidates for the Expert 1 level get access to the E1 Online Course.
The course consists of several video lectures as well as in-depth material for self-study. The individual learning progress is tested using multiple-choice questions and the course is considered successfully passed if the overall result is over 75%.

Theoretical Work

The subject and content of the written work are:

  • Your personal history and path in KMG (and background in martial art, if there is)
  • Your motivation to become an expert, goals, and reasons?

The required size of work is a minimum of 1,000 words.

What are the theoretical requirements for the Expert 2-5 Levels?

Required Size of the Theoretical Work

Expert 22,000 words
Expert 33,000 words
Expert 420,000 words
Expert 520,000 words


Application Process

If you already have or will soon have all the basic requirements and plan to take part in an Expert Test in the near future, start the application process now.
All necessary requirements, including the submission of the written work, must be met and submitted no later than two weeks before the date of the Expert Test.

Expert Test Application

Expert Test Application


Upload your references

Name your School Owner and/or KMG Representative

Please provide the contact who approved your participation in the Expert Test according to the General Regulations.
You confirm that the individual agrees to be contacted by us and that you have informed them about this.