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Kids Instructor Course

Are you ready to Incoporate Krav Maga Into Children’s Lives

Love Krav Maga and working with kids?
Do you have high standards of yourself?
Keen on expending your training location and specialist skills?

KMG’s Kids Instructor Course (KIC) educates approved participants to create and manage an attractive and far-sighted kids program.

With the KIC program, which has been tested and successfully applied for decades, you will receive specific teaching skills necessary to deliver interesting and successful courses for children and teenagers. Soon you will become a professional who guides youngsters to become excellent trainees and strong, spirited individuals.
The KMG kids training system will enable you to teach realistic self-defense techniques and tactics that are effective against bullying and attacks by peers as well as adults. At the same time, you will learn to discuss with children when it is appropriate to use a physical response.
Not to forget that our approach to a training process for kids and teens also focuses on the development of important personality traits such as courage, self-control, self-discipline, creativity, leadership, self-confidence and decision-making.

Developing a youth program is a good investment for the future of any club, school or gym. It’s also a way to develop a talented and dedicated cadre of future instructor so that your school can thrive and grow. As parents, we all want our children to stay safe and become stronger physically and mentally. Our KMG Kids programs are here to make that happen.

The Value of the KIC

The know-how to create and manage a responsible kids and youth program
Development of the course content by Zeev Cohen, Master of Education (M.Ed.) and founder of Israel's largest and most successful Kids Krav Maga schools
All the tools you need to get going as a Krav Maga Kids Instructor
Visible proof of your success and your qualification through a professional KMG certificate
Access to a network of like-minded people for support, tips and tricks
Ready-to-use specific curriculum for children & teens
The quick opportunity to open up a new, attractive target group for your training location

Start to shape a positive future

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