Change Women’s Lives

Women Instructor Course

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Have you ever wanted to change women’s lives for the best?
Do you have high standards of yourself?
Do you want adequate answers to questions from your female trainees?

The KMG Women Instructor Course (WIC) is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements instructors need to provide appropriate and effective instruction to women in their clubs, schools, and communities. The curriculum includes techniques and tactics, as well as physical and mental drills, that specifically address training goals that are relevant to many women.

The WIC and other KMG women’s education programs focus on prevention, de-escalation, and implementation of solutions to common problems, including sexual harassment and violence, stalking, domestic violence, and other dangerous circumstances.

The WIC helps active instructors create a more welcoming KMG school and environment. You will understand the specific needs of women through case studies and research and find out which training is attractive and beneficial for women. You will conduct your self-defense, safety and fitness training programs with more ease and expertise. In this way, as a participating instructor of the Women Instructor Course, you have the potential to significantly expand your school’s client base.

The Value of the WIC

Build the tools to train your active female clients, giving them optimal results and effective training programs tailored to any standard or physical condition
Build and validate your Krav Maga expertise, and your dedication & commitment to high standards and continuing professional development
Visible proof of your success and your qualification through a professional KMG Women Instructor certificate
Reinforced or elevated reputation and credibility
Access to a network of like-minded people for support, tips and tricks
Ready-to-use specific curriculum for women
Skills and experience to attract and grow your community of female trainees and instructors

Support Power and knowledge

Change Women’s Lives for the Best

Become a KMG Women Instructor