KMG Pauses Operations in Russia

The destructive war in Ukraine is a human tragedy and our deepest sympathy and concern goes out to the millions of people affected.
The war has already had a tremendous impact on people. It also seriously disrupts international relations and challenges our views and actions.
For all these reasons, KMG Headquarters has decided to stop its activities in Russia in the current situation.
This means that KMG Headquarters has made the decision to pause its courses, certifications and training within Russia.
This decision has a direct impact on our instructors and community members. KMG’s aspirations are long-term and we are working to leverage our network and communication channels to secure good international relationships and value-driven exchanges for the future. At the same time, we see it as our responsibility to stop delivering our knowledge to countries at war of aggression.
We encourage everyone to join us on local levels to provide emergency relief to those affected. We are very proud of the great helpfulness and humanity of our KMG community and friends.
The situation is extremely critical and fast-paced. We strive to navigate this reality, putting people’s best interests first.