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Open Seminar | Eyal’s Global Tour 2024 | Rotterdam

Global Tour 2024 Seminar with Eyal Yanilov

Sportcentrum Kralingen, Slaak 15, 3061 CR Rotterdam, Netherlands

Date and Time:
Thursday, May 16, 2024 | 19:00-22:00

EUR 60

Get ready for the Krav Maga event of a lifetime! Join us for a thrilling 3-hour seminar featuring Eyal Yanilov, the closest protege of Imi Lichtenfeld (the founder of Krav Maga), as part of his Global Tour 2024. This is not just a seminar; it’s an immersive experience celebrating 50 years of Krav Maga and its incredible journey from its inception to the present day.

Whether you’re an instructor, a long-time trainee, or new to Krav Maga, this event is for you!

Join us as we traverse different continents, visiting numerous countries on a global tour that honors the significant milestones in Krav Maga’s history:

  • 1924 – 100 years ago: Imi Lichtenfeld’s initiation into relevant fighting sports.
  • 1944 – 80 years ago: Imi’s transition to training Krav Maga to the resistance and the Israeli military.
  • 1964 – 60 years ago: Extension of Krav Maga to civilian sectors with Imi’s training locations in Netanya and Tel-Aviv.
  • 1974 – 50 years ago: Eyal begins his Krav Maga journey with Imi.
  • 1984 – 40 years ago: Transformation of Krav Maga from a collection of problems and solutions into a coherent and integrated system.
  • 1994 – 30 years ago: Intensive global spread of Krav Maga.

Led by Eyal Yanilov (Master Level 3), this seminar promises unique material that reflects the evolution of Krav Maga. It’s a rare chance to learn from the closest successor of Imi, gaining insights into the philosophy and techniques that make Krav Maga an unparalleled self-defense system.

Whether you’re a Krav Maga enthusiast, martial artist, or someone looking to explore self-defense, this seminar is tailor-made for you. Join us on Eyal’s Global Tour 2024, not just for a training session but for a celebration of Krav Maga’s past, present, and future. Don’t miss out on this global journey – secure your spot now!

Participating in the seminar earns you a special Global Tour Participation Diploma as a token of your involvement and dedication.

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Global Tour Seminar
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May 16 2024


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