Cagliari | Sardinia | Italy

P Camp: JUNE 16 – 21
G Camp: JUNE 23 – 29
E Camp: JULY 1 – 7

Key Benefits






Here are The Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Train with Eyal Yanilov and world-class Krav Maga Masters and Expert Instructors
Immerse in a week of intensive training (6 h of training a day)
Take part in extra-curricular training and workshops
Meet and train with people from all over the world
Group Training & Division into levels
Challenge yourself with the next level test
Great weather, beaches, and food

Eyal Yanilov

Master 3 - All Camps

Rune Lind

Master 1 - Graduate & Expert Camp

Ilya Dunsky

Expert 5 - All Camps

Jan Tevini

Expert 4 - All Camps

Massimo Fenu

Expert 3 - All Camps

Linn Haraldsvik

Expert 2 - P Camp

The PGE Camps Program is The Ideal Combination for Your Progress

You attain more experience and expertise in each camp by alternating between training in the full group and training individually according to your level with a designated instructor. Group training allows practicing with people of different levels, abilities, and sizes. In level division training, seize the opportunity to sharpen specific skills and prepare for your next level with your designated instructor.

We keep the training in changing environments, including indoor and outdoor sessions. On the beach, in confined spaces, or under low-light conditions.

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More Information

The Training Locations
Cagliari | Sardinia | Italy

Palaistike Associazione Sportiva
Via dei Carroz, 14, 09134 Cagliari CA, Italy

The PGE Camp Package


Component 1: Krav Maga Training

Encouraging and challenging training with Eyal and his experienced global and international team. 6 hours daily.

General P Camp Schedule
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6
OpeningConfined SpacesDefending Stick AttacksDealing with Armed AssaultsMental & Physical PreparationConclusions from the Test
Evaluation & Summary DrillsKnife Attacks & ThreatsDefending Knife AttacksMultiple AttackersGrading TimeSummary Drills
FeedbackSelf-Defense on the GroundDivision to LevelsDivision to LevelsSpecial Session for Non-TesteesGeneral & Personal Feedback
Timeline & PrinciplesDivision to Levels*Workshop: From Robbery to Hostage*Workshop: Focus & ConcentrationEnd-of-Camp-EventCorrections
Strikes & Defenses*Workshop: Water & Sand as Challenging RealityWelfare & Ceremony
*Workshop: Night & Low Light
General G Camp Schedule
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
OpeningDefending Stick AttacksGrappling & Control TechniquesMultiple AttackersSelf-Defense on the GroundMental & Physical PreparationConclusions from the Test
Evaluation & Summary DrillsKnife Attacks & ThreatsThrows & TakedownsControl & RestraintSparring & Ground FightingGrading TimeSummary Drills
FeedbackUse of Common ObjectsConfined SpacesFirearm ThreatsKnife Attacks & ThreatsSpecial Session for Non-TesteesGeneral & Personal Feedback
Combat MindsetSelf-Defense on the GroundDivision to Levels*Workshop: Focus & ConcentrationFighting TacticsEnd-of-Camp-EventCorrections
Strikes & Kicks*Workshop: Night & Low Light Training*Workshop: Mental Aspects of CombatDivision to LevelsWelfare & Ceremony
Close Personal Protection*Workshop: Hostage Rescue & CPP
*Workshop: Water, Sand, and Unique Environments
General E Camp Schedule
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
OpeningMultiple AggressorsControl & Restraint in CPPFighting vs. Different StylesFirearm ThreatsMental & Physical PreparationConclusions from the Test
Evaluation & Summary DrillsHostage RescueConfined Spaces & CQBDefending Unarmed AttackersHostage Rescue & CPPGrading TimeSummary Drills
FeedbackGrappling & Control TechniquesDivision to LevelsDivision to LevelsSelf-Defense on the GroundSpecial Session for Non-TesteesGeneral & Personal Feedback
Timeline & PrinciplesKnife Attacks & Threats*Workshop: Sparring & Fighting TacticsClose-Skill-Test IFighting & SparringEnd-of-Camp-EventCorrections
Firearm ThreatsDivision to Levels*Workshop: Mental Aspects of CombatClose-Skill-Test IIWelfare & Ceremony
Fighter & Warrior Concept*Workshop: Night & Low Light Training*Workshop: Control Techniques in a Civilian Context
*Workshop: Ground Fighting with Weapons

Component 2: Extra Curricular Workshops

Selected special topics that expand your training and give your evening momentum. 2-3 hours daily. Optional.


Component 3: Transport

Shuttle transport from Cagliari’s Hotel Italia to and from the training locations. Daily on training days.

6 days

Practitioner Camp

June 16 - 21
Early Bird €759 €699
7 days

Graduate Camp

June 23 - 29
Early Bird €859 €799
7 days

Expert Camp

July 01 - 07
Fully Booked

Early Bird Prices are valid until April 01, 2024

Get 20% OFF your 2nd ticket during checkout when booking more than one camp for yourself.

The Base & Hotel Recommendation

This year, find KMG’s home base at the heartwarming Hotel Italia in Cagliari. As a family-owned hotel with a rich history, we’ve secured an exclusive but limited offer for our participants. Rooms are subject to availability.

Exclusive Rates at Hotel Italia:

June: Single €80 | Double €110 | Triple €135
July: Single €80 | Double €120 | Triple €150

To secure the hotel’s exclusive offer, please contact the hotel’s reservation department at or call +39 070 660410.

Hotel Italia
Via Sardegna 31
09124 Cagliari, Italy

Limited Price until mid-February

Great news! We have arranged another special offer in the historical center of Cagliari.

Hotel Regina Margherita is offering a 15% discount for your stay. Just use the Promo Code “kmgcamps2024” when you book on their website at

Hotel Regina Margherita
Viale Regina Margherita 44
09124 Cagliari, Italy
+39 070 670342

* You can find plenty of other nearby options, including hotels, lodgings, and AirBnB apartments.


It gets better every year

It’s great to have personal feedback, so I know the tasks I have to work on. Loved the camp, it gets better every year.

PGE Camps 2019

I got more than expected

This is the first camp of its kind I have participated in, so I have nothing to compare it to. But my subjective feeling is that I got more than expected.

PGE Camps 2020

The instructors were great

The instructors were great, Eyal dedicated himself to each student, which gave a special quality to the whole experience.” 

PGE Camps 2022

An incredible experience

As I previously said, it was an incredible experience and I would recommend visiting Eyal and GIT’s to every Krav Maga Student.

PGE Camps 2023

What Makes Us Different?







Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the general prerequisites?

In order to organize a successful and safe camp for all, with your booking and attendance you agree to observe the following:

  • You are physically and mentally fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in the camp, and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.
  • You observe the rules, policies, and procedures of the camp and event venue, including concerning health and safety and any reasonable instructions issued by KMG.
  • You behave in a respectful, professional, and appropriate way that does not breach the laws or regulations of your home country or of the State of Italy or that risks bringing the PGE Camps or KMG into disrepute.
  • You ensure adequate insurance for your requirements, including personal accident and travel insurance, before attending the PGE Camp.
  • You ensure you have all necessary travel documentation, including but not limited to visas and other entry permits into the State of Italy, and that you comply with all health formalities and applicable laws.
Q. What equipment shall I bring?

Please ensure you bring all your protective equipment. Please wear the official KMG uniform or your club-branded training clothes. Also, have a set of “street clothes” with you for some training sessions.

Additional items we recommend:

  • Sunscreen Lotion and a hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimwear
Q. Will the new curriculum be taught and tested?

Yes, we will train on the new P and G curriculum, and this is also relevant for any testing.

Q. Which levels will be tested in which camp?

P Camp
Practitioner Level 1 to 5

G Camp
Graduate Level 1 to 5

E Camp
Expert Level 1 to 3

Q. What are the test requirements for P levels?

Q. What are the test requirements for G levels?

Q. What are the test requirements for E levels?

Learn more about the Expert Level Theoretical Requirements here.

Learn more about the Expert Level Theoretical Requirements here.

Q. What about transportation?

Daily transportation from the Hotel Italia to the training locations and back is organized by KMG and included in your booking.

Additional travel arrangements are your responsibility.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
If you have already registered and you are no longer able to attend the camp, our cancellation policy is as follows:
  • Full refund minus a EUR 50 administration fee up to 30 days out of your scheduled training.
  • 50% refund after that up to two weeks out from the scheduled date.
  • No refund within two weeks of the event date.
  • An exception will be made for an unexpected illness, e.g. COVID-19 related issues and a refund of 85% or a credit to attend an upcoming KMG-HQ event can be issued.
If you would like to cancel your ticket, please email with the subject line “Cancellation”.
You can find further information in our Terms and Conditions


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