The Women Only International Spring Camps (WOISC) is an annual event dedicated especially for women, which takes place during the month of April.

This year between April 5-7, 2019,  we will gather for an all included 3-day-camp where we eat, sleep, train Krav Maga and repeat at the Beuken Haeghe in the beautiful Moergestel near Tilburg!

Women Only International  Spring Camp

No Pain, No Gain

We believe hard work pays off. The WOISC event is designed to give you all the tools you'll need for mastering your Krav Maga skills.

Our teaching system includes full training days where you'll be learning new techniques and experience the most of Krav Maga.

Master Your Skills

Last year was the first time since we've began conducting the WOISC event alongside KMG - Krav Maga Global!

This time it would be the second year in a row and we're totally excited about it!

Master Eyal Yanilov will be highly involved in the planning of the upcoming WOISC event.

Thus, you will be able to learn, practice and acquire the knowledge you need to master your Krav Maga skills - right from the source!

Community At Its Best

Dozens of women from all around the world join each year to the Krav Maga Global community, creating a central hub which connects them together.

We will be joining in between the 5th-7th of April for this amazing 3-day camp!

We invite you to be a part of our community!

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Life Changing Experience

Since we've started the first camp, 5 years ago, we've been changing lives. Forever.

Acquiring Krav Maga skills, will enable you to master any situation you encounter - and deal with it the way you want.

Any woman should always know how to defend herself in any situation.

Are you ready for the WOISC 2019?

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*Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included!*

 *Large studios with 5 (to 6) beds included!*

*And much more!*

***ONLY €250!***