Touring & Training - Ultimate Desert

Touring & Training – Ultimate Desert

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Touring & Training – Ultimate Desert

Next Touring & Training event in Israel >> Dec. 9-17, 2017

Krav Maga Global offers visitors from all over the world a complete 9 days event of training sessions combined with an unforgettable touring experience in Israel!
Several hundred tourists and Krav Maga practitioners have been touring & training in Israel for the past ten years! It has become a rite of passage for Krav Maga students and instructors to experience such an event.

In our T&T program, you’ll get the most of yourselves:

  • Tour and explore the most fascinating locations in Israel
  • Hardcore Krav Maga training sessions with Eyal Yanilov himself – founder and chief instructor of Krav Maga Global.
  • Train with our leading instructors who are specialized in all Krav Maga techniques – VIP, Law Enforcement, Military, Women Self-Defense and many more training sessions alongside with Eyal.
  • Experience the nightlife of Israel – visit the most recommended pubs and restaurants!
Be a part of an experience you won’t forget any time soon!

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Why should you be touring Israel in the Touring & Training – Ultimate Desert event?

Israel is the crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa, since there is no place in the world with such diverse climates, cultures and sceneries.
The ‘Touring & Training – Ultimate Desert’ event offers you the ultimate experience in the most beautiful Israeli deserts, beaches, holy sites, ancient ruins and much more in a full 9 days experience!
Moreover, while touring in Israel you will even experience the great nightlife it has to offer, such as restaurants, bars and clubs.

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Touring & Training - Ultimate Desert 1

Krav Maga Training

Alongside the fascinating touring in Israel, you will be training Krav Maga in its birthplace. The Krav Maga Global system is taught by the Global Team of Instructors, directed by KMG head Instructor – Eyal Yanilov.
The training combines the fundamentals of the Krav Maga system alongside advanced techniques, in order to maintain progression. You will be training under expert guidance of our Global Team, how fast you progress.

You should expect intensive training of about four to five hours a day , as well as other types of exercises, including water and night training, urban self-defense, outdoor training, and more. The physical training section is customized according to the experience level of Touring and Training participants. As needed, we have separate sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainees and participating instructors, led by our Global Team instructors.

The “Touring & Training – Ultimate Desert” event covers many aspects of the Krav Maga Global system, including:

  1. Defense against armed assaults
  2. General fighting skills
  3. Training in various locations, environments and circumstances
  4. Combat shooting
  5. Road rage situations
  6. Water as a training environment and a potential location for defensive tactics and fighting
  7. Training with expert level instructors from Israel
  8. And more

Touring & Training - Ultimate Desert | Western Wall

Touring Israel

“Touring and Training – Ultimate Desert” is one of KMG’s most popular events in Israel. It is a highly intensive course, which provides a vast Krav-Maga training experience and combines guided tours in Israel, alongside adventurous activities. It is a unique event offering you the opportunity to train with the top-level instructors.
The T&T participants arrive from different countries and backgrounds all over the world. Level diversity is also part of this unique event and participants range from Krav Maga (or other MA) experts, instructors through to beginner practitioners. We are committed to giving each group the level of training that matches its skills.

In the “Touring and Training – Ultimate Desert” event you will be training in some of the most beautiful and interesting places in Israel including:

To see pictures from the “May 2017: Touring & Training in Israel” event on Facebook, click here

Touring & Training - Ultimate Desert | Training in Jerusalem

KMG Certification

Participants will receive a certificate for the special training conducted in the event.


There are no requirements to join our Touring and Training in Israel program. The event is suitable for existing Krav Maga Practitioners and Instructors, and for those who are new to Krav Maga, looking for a great experience to start their training.

Even if you do not have any experience in Krav Maga at all, we are happy to have you, and we will adjust our training sessions accordingly.

Touring & Training - Ultimate Desert | Training on Mount. Masada

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Touring and Training May: Dec. 9-17, 2017

Super early signup – €1,550 Euro  for signup until August 15, 2017

Early signup – €1,670 Euro for signup until October 15, 2017

Regular signup – €1,820 Euro



To book your place on one of the upcoming Touring and Training in Israel events, please fill out the form by clicking on the button below!

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More Information

If you have questions about about the KMG touring Israel program visit our Touring Israel FAQ page!

Touring & Training - Ultimate Desert | Mount. Masada

See you at the upcoming “Touring & Training – Ultimate Desert” 2017 event!



Excellent experience, absolutely no regrets!!” | Silvia from Germany

Thank you very much for this wonderful time!” | Marti from Switzerland

Excellent program, loved touring Israel, completely exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Eyal and the instructors and to Noa, Jonathan and David!!” Paul from Scotland

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience, loved touring Israel and training krav maga!” | Andreas from Norway
Was very good, will be back to train again!” | Ross from U.K.
It was a great experience, I learned a lot about Israel and about Krav Maga. Made me respect krav maga even more!!” Peter from Germany
Once in a lifetime experience!” I highly recommend this Touring Israel event!”Shani from U.S.A.
“Thanks for this opportunity, I have learned a lot, not just krav maga but Israel and it’s people!!” Peter
from Czech Republic 


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Event Overview

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