Military Krav Maga Training for all Units and Special Forces

Executive Summary – Why? What? How? and Who?

KMG has unique and highest level of experience and knowledge in educating and training, fighters, operators, officers and especially instructors for the Governmental sectors, particularly the military one. Technical, tactical, mental and physical preparation in the subjects of hand-to-hand combat, armed and unarmed fighting skills and tactics, 3rd party and VIP protection and self-defense, subject control and defensive tactics, as well as how to teach those subjects to the relevant units.

We also prepare our graduates of the General Instructors Courses (GICs) how to train in their own training places, club members who are serving in Military Forces and need specific curriculum from the whole KMG material that is suitable for their needs.

With this we have the abilities to bring, to the highest level possible and in the shortest time, any group of in-house (‘governmental units’) instructors aim to teach and train commando and infantry, undercover agents, military police, SF officers and members of supporting units.

Military Krav Maga training  Military Krav Maga Training  Military Krav Maga


The recommended line of military Krav Maga education for governmental units is tailor made courses, divided to 3 fighter levels and 3 warrior levels, in which we prepare the soldiers and officers in the above mentioned subjects and skills. Whether preparing the existing instructors or hand-picking and screening from the unit’s personnel we give designated instructors’ courses of one to three levels to create a cadre of in-house instructors; at the second stage, monitoring them for the needed period of time till they are capable to deliver the knowledge to their mother units.

Soldiers and officers should be courageous, determine, with high levels of controlled aggression and perseverance but also considerate and level headed, capable of fulfilling demanding and dangerous tasks, as well as maintaining high levels of physical and mental resistance and stamina. The instructors we prepare are suitable for this job of upbringing.

Educating military personnel to be complete combatants is a primary goal and an immediate concern. Units are often very well equipped, however the members of those unites should be well trained, capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events, fulfilling combat missions as well as functioning correctly in peace keeping and peace enforcing assignments while interacting with civilians. The instructor we educate will fulfill the task of correctly training and educating such personnel.

KMG – Krav Maga Global is most capable in creating the most suitable programs for the above mentioned units as well as preparing, educating and training of in-house instructors in all aspects of those military Krav Maga skills.
KMG’s instructors and trainers have decades of the most relevant experience in teaching members and instructors of Governmental Units in many countries in the Europe, South East Asia, USA, Latin America, Australia and Israel.




The Goals

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  • Educating the members and officers of any unit, within a given period of time, to the highest level possible – mentally, technically, tactically and physically. Creating determined, effective and efficient, as well as considerate, fighters, soldiers and officers.
  • Educating high-level and proficient instructors (in an array of courses) capable of teaching Krav Maga, unarmed combat, defensive tactics, and protection of others.
  • Training systematic thinking and efficient operations in different units and task forces within modern military, law enforcement or close-protection milieus.
  • Elevate all trainees to high levels of proficiency, capability and efficiency using modern, effective, innovative and unique training methods. Practice correct decision-making processes so that officers become adept at resolving problems under high-stress situations and in various environments.



The Axiom – We Need to Invest in the Human Resources

The needs and missions of modern military units may vary from daily soldiers’ and officers’ routines, through combat in different terrains, close protection assignments (executive/VIP), peace-keeping and peace-enforcing missions, counter terrorism and rescue operations, as well as close-quarters or urban raids in the heart of enemy territory, or at the center of a densely populated city.

Well-equipped military personnel are common enough, but are they also well trained to deal with different levels of conflict? Are they capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events? Are they knowledgeable how to solve violent conflicts without the use of lethal force especially in no-war times?

Educating officers, soldiers or agents to be complete combatants is a primary concern. It is essential, therefore, to develop determined and aggressive officer-fighters who are also considerate and level headed, capable of fulfilling demanding and dangerous tasks, as well as maintaining high levels of physical and mental resistance and stamina. Their daily routines may include a great demand for action and decision-making under very stressful conditions.

Modern defense and military forces need the proper methods and tools to guide and educate soldiers, officers, agents and members of elite units in the development of essential technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities. Study and training in CQB, self-defense, 3rd party protection, defensive tactics, hand-to-hand and close quarters combat (with or without different kind of weapons in the hand) is a key part of that education.

The Krav Maga Global approach takes all those types of training to a higher level, with proven results. KMG avoids instructional methods which train officers to be boxers and kickers who get good results in the ring, or mere operators of equipment – technicians who only know how to use firearms or other “tools” that make holes in paper targets.

Every unit and sector of the military will get the relevant military Krav Maga course according to its needs, equipment, characteristics and risk analysis. Curriculum includes general and specific materials. Among others, weapon retention, defending armed and unarmed assaults and threats, dealing with multiple opponents, protection of dignitaries and fellow officers, and functioning in situations where, for example, firearms cannot be discharged or are otherwise useless at close range:

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  • The weapon does not shoot (out of ammunition; jammed).
  • It is too dangerous to shoot (others, including fellow officers or a VIP, may get injured by friendly fire; close proximity to explosive material).
  • It is illegal to shoot (depending on the jurisdiction and the situation).
  • Shooting does not solve the problems and does not stop the attacker nor prevent him from inflicting damage to the officer or to others.
  • Natural response contradicts and does not allow for a shooting action.
  • The soldier is confident and able enough not to use lethal force, in the relevant mission





Krav Maga Global (KMG), with our unique system and skilled instructors, give you the highest level of military Krav Maga education and training, such that you cannot find with any others.

The course material and curriculum is divided into six levels. Three “Fighter” levels and, and three “Warrior” levels to create relevant grades and scale of levels. Officers must pass required tests and complete specific requirements to advance through each level.


Our Experience – Working with Regular and Special Units

Since 1985, KMG’s instructors has been working closely with various units in Israel and around the world, including:

  • Army Combat School of Sweden (training instructors for the entire Swedish Defense Forces), special units and
  • MPs of the Finnish military, the
  • Dutch Marines,
  • Polish soldiers, land and navy commandos and SWAT teams.
  • Norwegian Military
  • Danish Military
  • Hungarian Military
  • Met-Police in London
  • Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), as well as law enforcement units, air marshals, VIP protection units and correction officers
  • SPG of India
  • Hong Kong SWAT
  • Australian Protective Service, Air-force and Customs, protection and SWAT teams
  • Police departments in the USA
  • Military forces and protection services in Venezuela and Paraguay
  • Honduran Police (DCI),
  • Israeli security and military forces,
  • And much more.

Our experience of over 30 years in military Krav Maga also includes the education and training of individuals and groups of civilians, instructors, fighters, combat soldiers and officers, and more.


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Courses offered by KMG

Teaching in Israel and around the world allows KMG to collate and analyze information about the problems, dangers, attacks and risks to soldiers, officers, civilians and dignitaries in a variety of environments. This knowledge, together with our military Krav Maga system, allows us to design a complete customized course package for your units.

Now your personnel and units can benefit from our military Krav Maga expertise and experience – advancing them many years forward in just a short time.

We will provide your units with a top-notch military Krav Maga education based on the distillation of our knowledge:

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  • Education and training of units, officers and soldiers by high-level, established and experienced instructors.
  • Creating a specialized Military Krav Maga curriculum for any given unit (normally divided up to six levels).
  • First, Second and Advanced Levels of Instructor Courses – all tailored to suit various sectors of army, military, law enforcement, close protection and special units.
  • Military police and gendarmerie instructor courses are an integral part of the education we offer. Training with the most sophisticated instructors, bringing their worldwide experience to bear, any given unit can be elevated to the highest of levels.


Military Krav Maga Instructor Course (MIC)

We have specific Military Krav Maga Instructor Courses (MIC) tailored to our existing General Instructor Course (GIC) graduates. This course is ten days and it teaches our active KMG instructors the military aspect of the Krav Maga system which gives them the ability to do introductory courses for military personnel. Seminars and specific training are conducted by approved KMG personnel. The MIC is also open for active duty military personnel.




The Origin of Military Krav Maga

Military Krav Maga was forged in combat by some of the most severe events and settings of the past century – amidst Nazi terrorism, the combat of World War II and the very violent confrontations in the Middle East. Krav-Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld, Israeli Grand-master (1910-1998) who started it in the late 1940’s while serving as Chief Instructor for hand to hand combat and combat fitness training for the Israeli Defense Forces.

After Israel’s independence in 1948, Israel was immediately at war with its neighbors and did not have the luxury of long period boot camps for its young soldiers, who were literally conscripted and then sent to fight. Due to this situation, the Israeli military needed an effective hand to hand combat system that could be learned very quickly, easy to retain, and very effective. This was the birth time of military Krav Maga in Israel. Beginning with the pre-Israel Special Forces units of the resistance such as the ‘Haganah’, ‘Palmach’, and ‘Palyam’, Krav Maga became the official combative training for all military personnel, Israeli police and security forces.

Since then, and especially from the mid 80’s, it has been studied, tested, improved and developed extensively by Imi’s closest assistant and KMG’s Head Instructor, Eyal Yanilov.

Military Krav Maga techniques are now applied in governmental sectors such as law enforcement agencies, all areas of Army and elite military units, VIP protection as well as civilian self-defense programs for men, women and children.

KMG has delivered and developed Krav Maga for Military, Police and Internal Security Branches around the world, and these units are using Krav Maga by KMG on a day-to-day basis to save lives and deal with conflicts and violent confrontations.



KMG’s Krav Maga System integrates science and experience, instinct based self-defense and fighting techniques with designated techniques, tactics, training methods and drills. KMG offers a strong curriculum that teaches and develops courage, controlled aggression and determination, fighting spirit and combat mindset, situational awareness, as well as avoidance, prevention tactics and verbal de-escalation of conflict, whenever the need and the possibility arise.

The system is constructed from three integrated parts (which in an actual confrontation may become one):

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  • CQB, Armed and Unarmed Hand to Hand Combat – The soldier learns how to defeat an opponent quickly and effectively. This involves different elements of a fight: tactics, techniques, combinations, psychology and mentality of a fighter.  Use of tools of the body, as well as knives, sticks & guns for attacks and defenses, techniques and tactics are integrated.
  • Self-Defense TechniquesIt contains techniques that enable the practitioner to effectively defend himself against both armed and unarmed attackers. The techniques are eventually practiced under stress, in simulations of adverse conditions and environments, such as in the dark, on the ground, indoors and outdoors and in situations that limit the practitioner’s movement, as well as with or without tools or weapons in the hands.
  • 3rd Party ProtectionDefending a 3rd party (a VIP, a fellow officer or countryman) against all kinds of armed or unarmed attacks and threats; dealing with one or more attackers; moving, evacuating and taking care of the other person; functioning under different conditions in different environments and locations, with or without different kind of tools and weapons.
military Krav Maga
Military Krav Maga training






Focusing on Defensive Tactics, Fighting Skills, and Hand to Hand Combat

Military Krav Maga training focuses on solutions against attacks and life threatening situations. Krav Maga teaches the soldier how to use the techniques especially under high levels of mental duress, minimal light, surprised attack, or when under adverse conditions and terrains – because such distractions are often present in violent confrontations.

At Krav Maga Global (KMG) we emphasize:

[blockquote align=””]Krav Maga Global education and training programs for all sectors of the military are designed to create an integrated fighter who will function appropriately under the most stressful conditions – using the most effective techniques and tactics with determination and situation-appropriate aggressiveness.[/blockquote]

We conduct courses and seminars in Military Krav Maga for  units, and we include basic training through to most advanced instructors education. Course and seminar lengths vary, running from three days to three weeks.


Establishment and Management of Training Systems

Soldiers need to participate in a well prepared, planned and integrated Krav Maga program for the military, security, law enforcement, or close protection as required by the specific unit under the relevant government sectors.

KMG military Krav Maga courses may be taught at the relevant client facilities or at an off-site KMG facility.

Courses and workshops by KMG include basic level training that will provide the foundation for any military unit and through education and preparation of in-house instructor that will allow the units to train by themselves, under the supervision of KMG. Qualification of in-house instructors include the development of tailored training programs and lesson plans, scenario training including several military disciplines (Krav Maga + strategy and tactics + Care under Fire), assessing feedback and quality control of the training systems, and personnel development and management.

Instructors who pass the course will join a growing group of specialists who will be able to train special groups with specific needs in Military Krav Maga.


Further Information

We welcome your questions, inquiries and requests for further information. Short seminars and demonstrations are available for commanders, officers and instructors to experience KMG’s professionalism and expertise firsthand.


Click here to to learn more about special programs we deliver to the government sector.