Instructor Course

April 27 – May 05, 2024 | Walcz, Poland

Experience the True Origins of Krav Maga

Empower Yourself and Others with the Skills to Defend Against Real-World Threats

The Krav Maga Global Military Instructor Course (MIC) is an intensive 9-day program designed to provide existing KMG instructors, active military personnel, and education officers with the knowledge and skills to effectively teach and implement KMG Krav Maga in military settings.

Course Objectives

Master the Art

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles, tactics, and strategies of Krav Maga for military applications.

Seamless Integration

Learn how to integrate Krav Maga into existing military training programs.

Empower Others

Develop the ability to teach Krav Maga techniques and scenarios to military personnel of all levels.

Elite Recognition

Earn a prestigious Krav Maga Global Military Instructor certification.

Who Should Attend

KMG instructors who wish to extend their knowledge in Military Krav Maga
Active members of military units who wish to expand their close quarters fighting abilities
Education officers responsible for planning and implementing hand-to-hand combat training for military personnel


KMG instructors must have at least 3 years of teaching experience and hold a G3 level certification or higher
Active military personnel must have a good level of Krav Maga or fighting skills and demonstrate a strong warrior mindset

Physical Requirements

The MIC is physically demanding and requires participants to be in good physical condition. Please ensure you can meet the following minimum physical requirements:

3 km/1.8 m run in 15 minutes or less
20 push-ups within 2 minutes
30 sit-ups within 2 minutes, elbow touching opposite knee, feet on mat
4 strict pull-ups, palms facing away
20 weighted squats (20 kg/44 pounds)

Course Benefits

Enhance your teaching skills and become a certified Krav Maga Military Instructor
Empower yourself and others with the ability to defend against real-world threats
Gain a deeper understanding of Krav Maga's principles, tactics, and strategies
Make a positive impact on the lives of military personnel by teaching them essential self-defense skills

Course Curriculum

The MIC covers a wide range of topics, including:

Two full days at the shooting range, focusing on Krav Maga tactical firearm techniques and applications
Defensive and offensive techniques for close quarters combat
Scenario-based training to address real-world threats
Effective teaching methods and techniques
Integration of Krav Maga into military training programs

* Only active members of military units or individuals approved by KMG-HQ are eligible to instruct official KMG seminars and courses for military units.

Your Course Instructor

Ilya Dunsky - Expert 5

Over 25 years of comprehensive training experience, starting Krav Maga at the age of 11 in Israel
Served in IDF's elite "Maglan" unit at the age of 18, completing the military Krav Maga instructor course at Base 8 Wingate
Became the chief instructor for the IDF Krav Maga instructor course, also holding roles as a military shooting instructor and civilian fitness instructor
Extensive teaching experience exceeding 20 years, including diverse groups such as military units, law enforcement, VIP protectors, and civilians of all ages
A versatile instructor with a track record of training and educating individuals across different sectors, demonstrating expertise in Krav Maga and related discipline

Enroll Now

Take the next step in your Krav Maga journey and enroll in the Military Instructor Course today. Become a certified Krav Maga Military Instructor and empower yourself and others with the skills to defend against real-world threats.

9 days

Military Instructor Course

27 April - 5 May, 2024
Early Bird €1400

Early Bird Price is valid until March 15, 2024
Minimum number of participants 12

Clarification on Diploma Awards for Successful Participants
  • Certified GIC Instructor: Successful participants will be awarded the KMG Military Instructor Diploma upon completion of the course program.
  • For Active Military or Special Forces Personnel:

– Option 1 – Military Instructor Diploma: Participants must undergo prior 5-day preparation training with a GIT. The cost is EUR 600 per person, with a minimum requirement of 6 participants.
– Option 2 – Assistant Instructor Diploma: Participants can opt for the KMG Instructor Online-Course priced at EUR 195. Successful completion requires a passing score of 75%.
– Option 3 – Participation Diploma: Participants exclusively enrolled in the MIC course will receive the Participation Diploma upon successful completion.

The Location

Walcz – POLAND

ul. Budowlanych 9, 78-600 Wałcz

Google Maps

Recommended Equipment

Protection Gear

  • Mouth Guard
  • Groin Guard
  • Shin Guard
  • Grappling Gloves
  • Boxing Gloves

Tactical Clothing

  • Military & Training Clothes
  • Civilian Clothes
  • Belt
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • In- & Outdoor Shoes

Training Tools

  • Flash Light
  • Holster & Rubber Gun (if available)
  • Your EDC (Every-Day-Carry)

Admin Equipment

  • Notebook
  • Writing Tools
  • First Aid Kit


“As a KMG instructor, MIC surpassed my expectations. The in-depth focus on applying Krav Maga principles in military scenarios, coupled with two days of intensive firearm training, elevated my expertise. Now certified, I’m equipped to effectively teach advanced self-defense techniques to my students with a military background, making this course essential for any Krav Maga instructor seeking to enhance their skills and contribute to military preparedness.”

Markus, KMG Instructor

“As an education coordinator responsible for hand-to-hand combat training, the KMG Military Instructor Course provided the perfect opportunity to integrate Krav Maga into our programs. The course was top, offering a comprehensive understanding of Krav Maga principles and effective teaching methods. Now, our soldiers are better prepared to defend themselves, thanks to this invaluable training.”

Marius, Defense Education Program Coordinator

“As an active military member, the intense and rewarding KMG Military Course significantly enhanced my self-defense skills. I am now equipped to teach Krav Maga to my fellow soldiers, fostering confidence in their ability to defend against any threat.”

Sascha, First Lieutenant

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