Alcides Silva (KMG Portugal)

Alcides Silva (KMG Portugal)

Director | Expert 2

VIP Instructor Course • Law Enforcement Instructor Course • Kid Instructor Course


Alcides’s Bio:

Since a very young age (10 years old), Alcides practiced Judo and Aikido and achieved level of 1st Dan. He started training Krav Maga in 2002 and in 2006 he became a civilian instructor.
He is also a Law Enforcement Instructor, Kid Instructor and VIP Protection instructor.

Alcides states that he started learning KM for its simplicity, efficiency and above all its REALISM. It embraces fundamentals which other martial arts or other systems do not offer. Krav Maga is a system which is not only efficient but also gives practitioners excellent self-confidence as it can be practiced by anyone, not only by great athletes.

Another major reason was that as a professional in the field of security it was without a doubt the best system that exists and if the best specialists use it, why not use it also. So one thing led to the other and to this day as Alcides has never looked back.

Alcides’ goal is to continue to teach more people, to grow KMG in Portugal, and to start expanding KMG to Africa (African Country of Portuguese Official Language).


Alcides is the Director of KMG Portugal


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