Asen Kehayov (KMG Bulgaria)

Asen Kehayov (KMG Bulgaria)

Director | Expert 1

• General Instructor Course


Asen’s Bio:

Asen has achieved the Graduate Level 1 practitioner rank under the International Instructor Team member Balazs Szabo (Expert 3), and became one of the first Bulgarian Krav Maga Global (KMG) Certified Instructors.
In March 2013, Asen opened one of the first KMG affiliated Krav Maga academies in Sofia (capital of Bulgaria). His unique and innovative teaching methodology helped forming a strong and dedicated group of hard-working practitioners, many of which embraced Krav Maga as their own lifestyle philosophy. He was personally invited by Master Eyal to be a part of the first ever KMG USA National Testing Committee.

Asen is the Director of KMG Bulgaria and holding an Expert 1 rank. His main mission is to spread the Krav Maga Global system and knowledge.


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