Adam White (KMG Australia)

Adam White (KMG Australia)

Director | Expert 3

General Instructor Course • Military Instructor Course • Law Enforcement Instructor Course • VIP Instructor Course • Kids Instructor Course • Women Instructor Course • Mental Conditioning Instructor Course


Adam’s Bio:

With his background in martial arts and career as a PE teacher, Adam is a highly experienced instructor who is passionate about Krav Maga.

After immersing himself in Tae Kwon Do in his teens, then Brazilian Jujitsu, Adam was still searching for the complete defence solution for any situation.
In 2001, Adam attended the first Krav Maga training workshop in Australia and he knew he had found the answer with this breakthrough approach that was principles based rather than technique based.

Adam has trained in Israel, Poland and Hungary and is an International Instructor with Krav Maga Global.

As the Director of Krav Maga Global for Australia and New Zealand, he is responsible for delivering consistently high standards of training and raising awareness of this unique defence and fitness system across the region.


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