krav maga for MilitaryBy attending the Military Instructor Courses by KMG, you will experience the true origins of Krav Maga. The military Instructor Courses (MIC) gives the participants a simple, effective and aggressive set of techniques which requires minimal time for training and delivers maximum results. Our system is integrating different tools, weapons, and assault rifles elevating the abilities of correct decisions and all levels of problem solving in times of violent conflicts. The system deals with scenarios where soldiers and operators face threatening situations of attacks and dangers, when they are armed or unarmed, alone or in a team, and in close quarters or open spaces. The Krav Maga Global training gives options in which higher force alternatives cannot, or must not, immediately be accessed. The soldier must also be able to respond with defensive techniques and combatives until a transition to a higher force option can be achieved. The MIC features both offensive and defensive techniques and tactics.

Our way of Krav Maga employs a systematical approach, by developing well-integrated and highly effective techniques, tactics, actions and principles, which can applied to deal with a variety of attack scenarios. The system is characterized by coherent and logical thinking that builds up easy, natural with practical techniques and desirable actions which feature simple body movements. KMG’s Krav Maga system is designed so that a soldier is trained to solve new problems under stress and specific principles can be applied to deal with several potential attacks/scenarios sequentially or simultaneously.

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Who is the MIC suited for?

KMG Military Instructor CourseThe MIC is designed for three different target groups:

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  • Military instructors and education officers (those in charge of planning, implementing and teaching hand-2-hand combat training for military personnel).
  • Active members of military units who wish to expand their close quarter fighting abilities as a soldier.
  • Existing KMG instructors (graduates of our General Instructors Courses) who wish to extend their knowledge in Military Krav Maga.



Please note that the general MIC is more or less tailored for our KMG instructors who have already done 23 days of instructor training and who are proficient in striking, kicking and general Krav Maga techniques. We require non-Krav Maga instructors who wish to take a part in this Instructors Course, to take a five day pre-training course to introduce the participants to a minimum of fighting and instructing capabilities.




Military units and service members

Military Instructor Course

We divide the military instructor course for active service members into two main types. The first part is the regular MIC, which introduces the soldiers and officers to how Krav Maga can be implemented into military training, how it should be taught and how KMG operates. The second part is specifically designed for military units and is divided into several levels that are called Fighter and Warrior Levels. These levels gradually gives the soldier (and instructors) all the tools required to solve specific problems confined to specific units and/or type of missions they are training for.

A Fighter level course usually contain 50 hours of training and a Warrior level course is about 75-80 hours of training for each level. Both Fighter and Warrior is built upon three levels each, which consists of fighting, tactics, mental conditioning & mindset as well as scenario training.

We conduct specialized courses and seminars for defense forces all over the globe on their bases. Several countries have implemented Krav Maga by Krav Maga Global fully into their soldier training and education.

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KMG  School owners and instructors

KMG School owners and Instructors will be introduced to a different mindset, finishing mode, subjects, techniques and tactics, as well as a greater understanding of techniques from the General Instructor Course (GIC). These skills will give you the opportunity to show and demonstrate Military Krav Maga to relevant students in the KMG affiliated school, and also create small closed groups (active service members) to train on these techniques. It is required that any further dialogue and demonstration of Military Krav Maga for governmental units to be conducted by a KMG Global Team Member (GIT) and also in coordination with KMG HQ and branch director.


Course Details

The general MIC is usually 9-10 days for KMG instructors and an additional 5 days for active service members with no Krav Maga background. The course is taught by Eyal Yanilov and/or members of his highly qualified global team of instructors. The course is physically demanding and we have specified some minimum requirements to be able to attend. (Prerequisites below). In the MIC you will experience the correct integration of the different military skills of using the weapons, different firearms with the armed and unarmed combat, relevant defensive tactics and self-defense, relevant military protection of other and more. Live shooting sessions in the shooting range as well as appropriate CQB with and without the firearms is an integral part of this course. A day of training is 8-10 hours per day. The course also include theory and lectures.


Prerequisites to participate in the Military Instructor Course

You must be either an active KMG instructor with 2 years of teaching and at least G3 level, or an active member in a relevant Governmental unit. Either you must have good knowledge in Krav Maga or fighting skills as a soldier, since striking and kicking, together with correct mindset is the foundation of our Military Instructor Course.

The course is physically very demanding with several exhausting exercises during the course. We urge you to make sure that you can perform these suggested physical tests (mandatory for professionals):

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  • 3 km run – 15 min or less
  • Pushups – 20 or more (within 2 minutes, shoulder width)
  • Situps – 30 or more (within 2 minutes, elbow touching opposite knee, feet on mat, fingers touching)
  • Hangups / Chin-ups – 4 or more (strict, palms facing away)
  • Squats – 20 or more (weighted, 20 kg / 44 Pounds)