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Krav Maga - Israel Adventure
The Israel adventure!

The Israel Adventure!

Next “Krav Desert” Event >> February 16 – 27, 2017

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Krav Desert, is a unique adventure occurring in Israel once a year, which combines Training Krav Maga & Traveling throughout Israel’s famous Desert – one of the most breathtaking places in the world!
The event was especially designed for those who are adventurous in heart and Krav Maga enthusiasts in mind!


” Good luck with more events and god bless you and your beautiful country!! I loved it!!”…Sergei from Germany

This was an event that I will never forget, it was amazing. I especially liked how KMG HQ was putting so much effort into making it a great event”…Marianne from Denmark

It was a very nice and amazing experience”…Robin from Sweden

KMG setting the standard, you guys did great…thumbs up!!!”…Christian from Denmark

Desert Training

The Krav Desert event will focus on the different pillars of Krav Maga: Self-Defense, Fighting Skills and Tactics, and Protection of others. This will be while taking into consideration the uniqueness of the event, the different terrains, environments, areas, livestock and equipment.

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  • Using Common Objects for self-defense including small objects and large ones, as bicycles
  • Hostage Rescue and Self/Defense in extreme environments and situations
  • Military related KMG techniques and tactics
  • Dealing with an Active Shooter in an urban or open area
  • Dealing with violent events in Dunes and Deep Sand (the ground as a factor in violent conflicts)
  • Training in low-light-conditions to enhance the relevant technical and mental capabilities as well as improving sensitivity and intuition
  • Dealing with unarmed and armed assaults standing and on the ground – parts from the P, G and E Curriculums
  • Mental focusing and training, using tranquil desert environment
  • And a lot of interesting and rewarding training sessions
Krav Maga - Israel Adventure
Training with the Israeli Army Officers course

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Desert touring

In Krav desert you will be touring the different deserts of Israel and also visit Petra in Jordan. The event includes unique activities:

  1. Mountain biking
  2. Jeep ride
  3. Abseiling
  4. Navigation
  5. Wilderness survival
  6. Camping outdoors
  7. Much more!!

In this Israel adventure you will experience sights and places that very few people in the world have a chance to see:

  1. The “Red City” Petra in Jordan
  2. The Ramon crater
  3. The “Timna” valley
  4. The city of Eilat

Think that you have what it takes? Send us a mail and we will give you more details:


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Krav Maga - Israel Adventure
Riding “the ship of the desert”

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You can find Krav Desert also on Globe-trooper: Here 

For pictures from our last Israel adventure


Certification by KMG – participants will receive a certificate for the special training conducted in the event.

Israel Adventure

More Information

If you have questions about about the Krav Desert in Israel you can check the following:


Or send an email to:


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There are no requirements to join Krav Desert in Israel and Jordan. The event is suitable for existing Krav Maga Practitioners and Instructors, and for those who are new to Krav Maga, looking for a great experience to start their training. Even if you do not have any experience in Krav Maga at all, we are happy to have you, and we will adjust our training sessions accordingly.


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KMG - Israel adventure
The next adventure in Israel!