GIC Israel

General Instructor Course

Part 1: February 3 – 11, 2024
Part 2: May 4 – 12, 2024

Are you ready to Take the Next Step

Have you ever wanted to change people’s lives for the best?
Do you have high standards for yourself?
Have you ever dreamed of having your own training location to teach Krav Maga?

KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC) is renowned as being the most comprehensive in Krav Maga education in the world today.

Through an extensive, multi-stage program, the GIC develops Krav Maga skills, techniques and tactics, and combines them with teaching know-how and highly advanced training methods and processes.

This special GIC course is conducted in Israel – the birthplace of Krav Maga.

The Value of the GIC

The knowledge, experience, and skills to teach the comprehensive Krav Maga Global curriculum
Build and validate your Krav Maga expertise, and your dedication & commitment to high standards and continuing professional development
Gaining a competitive edge by the visible acknowledgment of your instructing abilities
Reinforced or increased reputation and credibility
Access to the network of the world's most qualified Krav Maga instructors
The opportunity to improve your own Krav Maga skills through regular Instructor Updates, camps and advanced courses
The opportunity to improve your management abilities to have a successful Krav Maga school

The GIC in Israel

The General Instructor Course in Israel is conducted at Master Eyal Yanilov’s home.

Part 1: February 3 – 11, 2024
Part 2: May 4 – 12, 2024

  • Train with Eyal and a top GIT Instructor
  • The course is divided into two parts of 9 days each
  • 6-8 hours of training a day
  • Indoor and outdoor training
  • Accommodation (Bed & Breakfast) and training in Eyal’s home and studio
  • Both training and accommodation are included

Cost Part 1: 1520 EUR (incl. B&B)
Cost Part 2: 1520 EUR (incl. B&B)

Our guest unit consists of two dormitory rooms. Each has eight bunk beds.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Kitchenette

Start your professional KMG Journey

Change People’s Lives for the Best

Become a Krav Maga Global Instructor

The GIC Journey

Earning a KMG Instructor certification is a visible acknowledgment that you possess proficiency in core Krav Maga principles and skills essential to the best practice of Krav Maga instructing and coaching. It shows you are committed to excellence, professional growth, and a code of conduct.

As pioneers in educating dedicated practitioners to become excellent instructors we still believe in quality before quantity. Therefore only candidates with the appropriate abilities, backgrounds, and years of training are accepted to the course.

The course is carried out in a modern blended learning concept. In addition to individual online learning, the necessary knowledge and intensive practical experience of the three levels are acquired in full-time training weeks. The full GIC course in Israel is divided into two parts of 9 training days each.

Successful completion of the course depends on meeting specific criteria at the end of each level, including theoretical, technical, and tactical examinations, as well as the practical application of the learned teaching skills.

A Krav Maga Global Graduate-level diploma and an Instructor Diploma, signed by KMG President, Eyal Yanilov, are awarded upon the successful completion of all GIC course levels.

The GIC Journey in Israel


  • 21 years of age
  • No criminal record
  • 4 years of experience in martial arts or min. KMG P3 level


  • Apply for your GIC course
  • Name your KMG School Owner or Instructor as a reference, and/or submit relevant references (documents)
  • Easy downpayment
  • Get access to the GIC Online Library and start your journey


  • 9 days of full-time education with a member of the KMG International Coaches Team
  • Certification as Level 1 Instructor
  • Successful Level 1 Instructors are eligible to teach KMG students in the P1 curriculum within an established KMG school

GIC Part 1

  • 9 days of full-time education with a member of the KMG International Coaches Team
  • Certification as Full GIC Instructor
  • Successful candidates are awarded the full GIC Instructor diploma and the KMG Graduate 1 level

GIC Part 2: Full GIC Instructor
GIC 2024 Israel Application

General Instructor Course 2024 Israel

Part 1: February 3 - 11, 2024
Part 2:  May 4 - 12, 2024


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