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Frequent Asked Questions


The GIC is the most fundamental and important course of all. Our GIC consists of 2-3 separate parts (depending on the location) and contains 180 intensive training hours. Candidates who have Practitioner Level 3 in KMG or a good background in punching and kicking (4 years training in other martial arts are considered reasonable), may join one of our GIC’s after an interview with our local director. For more information please enter For the list of our scheduled GICs around the world click here

Candidates for this course must be certified instructors with at least one year of teaching experience and a strong tendency for the field. Experience working with children or teenagers is an advantage. The Kids and Youth Instructor Course includes specific education, training and tools to teach Krav Maga and self-defense techniques to children and teenagers.

Our Combat and Fighting Instructors Course is intended for KM instructors who attained the level of G-3 and up. Additional details can be found here: .

KMG offers two kinds of  VIP and 3rd party Protection courses, VIP Protection course for Fighter 1 and 2 levels and for VIP Protection instructors. VIP Protection course for Fighter levels: 10 day course (2 parts of 5 days each) is open for everyone with a suitable background (VIP protectors, unit’s personnel, KMG instructors, KM practitioners P-3 level and up, any other candidate recommended by a KMG instructor). VIP instructors course: 10 day course (2 parts of 5 days each) is open for KMG instructors and for those serving in different units (officers who are not yet certified instructors will need an additional 5 days for preparation). All participants must present the local director’s approval, a clean record, medical certificate and insurance. Both courses are conducted by Eyal and KMG’s Global Team.

In general, we have 2 kinds of LE courses: 10 days for KMG instructors and 15 days for non-instructor participants who serve in relevant units.  Please contact us for more details.

This course is designed for KMG instructors (G-2 and up) and for military personnel. In general, we have 2 kinds of Military courses: 10 days for KMG instructors and 15 days for non-instructor participants who serve in relevant units. Two additional advance Military Instructor Courses are available for members of military units.

This course is intended for instructors after LE/VIP/MILITARY instructors course, level G-3 min.

This course is designed for KMG instructors (G-1 and up) and for military/law enforcement personnel.

Participants must be graduates of KMG LE or a Military course, at least G-3 level and have the consent of KMG’s local director. The first part of the course is open for anyone who is in service and mainly for instructors who wish to be certified as military or LE instructors. The second part is only for KM instructors who are military or LE certified. An instructor who wants to be certified has to take the two parts.

KMG’s annual G  Level Camp in Israel is open to KMG participants of P-5 level and up.

KMG’s annual E Camp in Israel is open to KMG participants of G-5 level and up.

KMG seminars are open for all, unless otherwise specified.

Experiential Workshops for Managers at Different Levels within a Organization – using self-defense, fighting skills and 3rd party protection as a vehicle to better understand and improve the management proficiencies, manager’s empowerment, management roles and functions under regular as well as turbulent corporate conditions and changing times.

The proposed programs for groups of managers incorporates and presents tactics, correlations, links, associations, and capabilities from the Krav Maga Global disciplines on management skills. The learning method is experiential, empirical and hands-on. Activities can be performed at the company, a conference center or any relevant resort.

We offer from one to three days workshops, as well as longer courses, where we instruct, transform, use and apply mental skills; conflict management tools; ways of coping and handling of pressure and stress; team building and managing expertise;  preparation methods; tactical and strategy thinking.

Yes. To learn more about KMG’s program for women click

The book can be purchased through Amazon Or through Dekel Publishing House.

Each DVD contains the curriculum of a specific level, from the fundamental techniques to the simulations and the fighting drills : Practitioner Level 1 Krav Maga basics Preventing, de-escalating and avoiding violence Handling frontal attacks Striking in multiple directions The Read More Here

This is a series of self-defense training DVDs, featuring the world’s top Krav Maga instructor, Master Eyal Yanilov. Eyal and his team of instructors took advantage of their vast years of international real-world experience to create the single most comprehensive set of Krav Maga training DVDs ever offered. Now, you can benefit from the highest level of training, cutting-edge developments in Krav Maga instruction and in-depth understanding of the system. Structured according to the KMG syllabus, each DVD presents real Krav Maga straight from the source, including:

  • In-depth explanations of techniques and the principles behind them.
  • Unique Krav Maga training methods.
  • Concepts, tactics and practical guidance for realistic self-defense simulations.
  • The theory behind the Krav Maga system, filmed on location in Israel– Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, the Carmel Hills, and more.
  • A short documentary on the rich history of Krav Maga – from the streets of pre-war Europe, where Imi had to defend himself and others against violent fascist thugs, to the modern system used in training facilities of elite combat units across the world.

KMG’s DVDs can be purchased at: as well as in our virtual or with your local director or instructor.

Natural, practical and intuitive, Krav Maga is an easy-to-learn and highly effective self-defense, fighting skills and third party protection system for preventing or overcoming violent attacks. Krav Maga was created by the Israeli military’s first Close Combat Instructor, Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or), to meet the most rigorous real-world demands. Adapted for both the civilian and professional sectors, Krav Maga continues to evolve under the personal guidance of Imi’s successor Eyal Yanilov, along with top instructors at KMG – Krav Maga Global.

MG – Krav Maga Global is a company founded by Eyal Yanilov who also serves as its President and Head Instructor. Eyal is the only person who holds both the highest Krav Maga rank ever awarded by Grandmaster Imi and the Founder’s Diploma of Excellence. Eyal served as Imi’s closest assistance since the early 1980’s and head of the professional committee since 1987. KMG has branches in over 60 countries around the world headed by local directors. Krav Maga Global’s goal is to spread Krav Maga around the World, fulfilling the Founder’s dream and maintain high quality teaching through its instructors.

Up until the mid 1980’s all Krav Maga organizations were rather similar. Later on, Imi and Eyal Yanilov worked together in changing the system. Other instructors who were not close to them or had their own organization were not updated. Since the mid 90’s the knowledge and ways grew apart even more. Those who practice original Krav Maga should be more or less in the same direction; unfortunately this is not always the case. KMG focuses on the real needs that are essential to prevent / de-escalate / survive conflicts.

Every Krav Maga practitioner may apply for KMG membership. After being approved you will get a KMG passport and start to pay the annual membership fees.

You are invited to join our mailing list at and receive all the hot news to your email.

Only KMG affiliates/associates that are assigned through an official HQ documentation and evaluation process, led by the county KMG director/Regional Representative.
The Schools & Instructors can use the KMG name, brand materials as described and restricted by the operational & marketing guide of KMG HQ. All materials and KMG brands & programs are protected with copyright & trademark, therefore, usage is only allowed through written consent by KMG HQ & its local Directors and Regional representatives within the country.

No. Only Global Team members are allowed to teach and to test new instructors during specific instructors’ courses. Only a KMG HQ representative is entitled to certify instructors and to issue diplomas.

The Global and International Teams of Instructors (GT and IT) were set up by Eyal Yanilov to answer the need for continuous education of new instructors, governmental agencies, special operation teams all over the world and in all aspects of the field (Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, VIP- protection, Air Marshals etc). The teams are composed of selected, top level instructors with vast experience in teaching Krav Maga. The members of the teams operate all over the world. The teams are responsible for teaching civilian instructors, testing students and high level grades and Experts, as well as teaching Defensive Tactics, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Self-Defense, CPP and Fighting Skills – for all sectors of the Military and Law-Enforcement, VIP protection, SWATs and Intervention Teams, Anti-Terrorist Units, and Security Personnel. We conduct ongoing and in-service programs, Establishment and control of training systems for the above units and qualification of in-house instructors.

Please contact our local director or search his website. For the full list of our branches click When you select the country you are interested in you’ll find all the necessary details

You can check with KMG’s local director or contact KMG HQ at:

Unfortunately, there are some organizations who certify instructors after only 3-4 days most of them are fake and have neither real Krav Maga knowledge nor background. KMG’s GIC is a 180 hour course, so the answer to this question will mainly depend on the organization which certified you, as well as on when you were certified. In some cases one will have to take a full instructors course, and in other cases a transition course, which length will be determined by the circumstances and after evaluation by a GIT member or a regional representative.

Student ranks are represented by patches that indicate their current level. Our ranks are structured into five Practitioner levels, five Graduate levels and five Expert levels. Each level has a specific curriculum and requirements. In addition, there are three Master levels (Imi granted up to Master 3 / Expert 8). Specific requirements, but no curriculum, were associated with these levels. Climbing from one level to the next in the Practitioner and Graduate levels takes about half a year to a year of consistent training. It takes between one to four years to pass from one Expert level to the next. KMG grants its students relevant certification diplomas for Practitioner, GraduateExpert and Master levels. In addition we grant three kinds of instructor diplomas: Civilian InstructorMilitary Instructor; and Law Enforcement Instructor. For each sector, we offer several different sector-specific courses. For example, in the civilian sector we offer: the General Instructors Course (GIC); the Combat and Fighting Instructors Course (CFIC); the Kids and Teens Instructors Course; and more. We also award Fighter and Warrior diplomas upon the successful completion of our Fighter and Warrior courses. These training programs are geared toward the law enforcement, military,security and VIP protection sectors.

It depends which organization issued the diploma and according to which curriculum you were tested. In most cases the best solution is to take a test in order to evaluate your level.

Equipment: Mouth guard Groin protection Clothing: Comfortable shoes Pants with belt for training *All equipment you can purchase at KMG HQ for good prices

Cancellations received up to 4 months prior to the event starting-date, will enable the participant to choose between forwarding the full registration fee paid, towards any other KMG event in the same calendar year, or to receive a full refund minus €50.- service fee.

Cancellations received less than 4 months prior to the event will NOT enable such fee transfer and the following will apply:

Cancellations received within 90-120 days prior to the event starting-date, will enable the participant to receive a full refund minus €75.- service fee.

Cancellations received within 60-90 days prior to the event starting-date, will enable the participant to receive a full refund minus €150.- service fee.

Cancellations received within 45-60 days prior to the event will cause the €250.- charging of the deposit.

Cancellations received within 45 days prior to the event will cause the full charging and non-refunding of the deposit of €450.-

Cancellations will be made in writing and sent via fax (+972-9-8910863) or e-mail (, and must be confirmed as received by KMG HQ Admin within the relevant cancellation deadlines.

*This policy does not include accommodation cancellation fees of “Hagoshrim” resort. Such fees will be handled directly by the participant and the resort as set forth in the registration process.

Please note:

  • KMG wishes to advise you that Krav Maga is potentially dangerous.
  • Places for the course are allocated on a first pay – first served basis.
  • KMG has the right to refuse any applicant without giving any explanation to its decision.
  • Payments to KMG will be refunded according to the tuition schedule if KMG is unable to conduct the event.
  • KMG will not be responsible for any cancellation or changes of/in the events due to force majeure, such as nature disasters, floods, fire, earthquakes, etc. Also, KMG will not be responsible for cancellations or changes of/in the events made due to military activities, war, terror acts, riots, electricity drops, etc. Cancellation or changes of/in the event in such cases, will be at KMG’s sole discretion.
  • Any demands regarding the resort and accommodation payments, extras, refunds, cancellation or changes to the order will be made directly with “HaGoshrim” resort.

By signing this application, you release KMG from any responsibilities regarding these issues.


I state that I have no criminal convictions, am not currently under indictment or prosecution for any offense, and am not wanted for questioning or arrests by any law enforcement or government agency.

I further state that I have no history of mental illness or substance abuse.

I state that I am in good health and of sound mind and body capable of enduring rigorous physical training and that I have no physical limitations, mental or health problems that may prevent me from training and participating in strenuous physical activities.

I undertake to purchase and provide a health insurance policy specific for Krav Maga training, also valid overseas and covers overseas medical facilities, for the relevant dates of this event.

Following the approval of this application, a down payment of €450.- will be required in order to reserve my place of which a non-refundable amount of up to €450.- will be charged for cancellation fees. The balance must be paid no later than the commencement date of the event.

I wish to participate in the event offered by KMG at the specified dates.

I, the undersigned, with the knowledge that training Krav Maga involves some potential danger, agree to occupy and use the premises provided by KMG and hereby release to the full extent of the law KMG and its instructors, staff, agents, servants, contractors and employees from all claims and demands of every kind in respect of or resulting from any accident or damage to property or injury or death that I may suffer in the premises or the building for which KMG is or could become liable for.

I will and do hereby undertake to indemnify KMG, their instructors, agents, servants, contractors and employees from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs and expenses for which KMG, its agents, servants, contractors, and employees shall or may become liable in respect of or arising from: (a) Loss or damage to any property of the undersigned which may be within or without the premises of KMG; (b) Loss, damage, injury or death from any cause whatsoever to property or person caused or contributed to by the use of the premises of KMG, or their contractors by the under signed; (c) Loss, damage, injury or death from any cause whatsoever to property or person within or without the premises provided by KMG by any act, omission, neglect, breach or default by KMG, its agents, servants, contractors, employees, invitees or licensees to the undersigned.