Krav Maga Founder’s Diploma

Founder's Diploma


Expert Diploma

Krav Maga Founder Diploma

This IKMA Expert 8 Diploma was signed by Imi in 1988. In January 1991, after a severe deterioration in his health, Imi added the date “1/1/1991” to the diploma and deposited it with his wife Ilana. Imi then instructed her to give it to Eyal upon Imi’s death.


Imi intended for this diploma to serve as his final will and testament; a witness to his selection of Eyal Yanilov as his recognized successor, and as the individual who should hold Krav Maga’s highest level ranking.


This diploma was kept in Imi’s document drawer until his passing, when it was given to Eyal by Imi’s widow.

Wingate Trainer Diploma