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Third Party & Close Protection Instructor Course + Shooting Range | Gostynin, Poland

Third-Party & Close Protection Instructor Course + Shooting Range

Dates: August 20-29, 2021

Location: Gostynin, Poland

*The course includes a shooting range*

KMG’s Third-Party & Close Protection Course features skills, techniques, and tactics to protect other people in situations of threat and risk. These are relevant for any person who wishes to be able to protect family members, friends, workplace colleagues and if assigned to do so, an employer, politician, or high-ranked officer.

KMG has the highest level of curriculum and knowledge in educating and preparing Close Protection Instructors for the governmental sectors, including Close Protection Officers (CPO), security, and workforce teams. KMG provides CPO’s and the like the necessary tactical, mental, technical, and physical preparation for physical protection at close range and evacuation, hand-to-hand combat, dealing with an active shooter situation, armed conflict, and defensive action. The curriculum also focuses on integrating tools and firearms as an impact weapon, especially when it is not possible, legal, or desirable to open fire.

Pre-requisites: The course is intended for KMG instructors only

*Event opening is conditioned on a minimum of 10 participants.


Aug 20 - 29 2021




Ilya Dunsky


Ilya Dunsky

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KMG Poland - Patrycja Blajer
KMG Poland - Patrycja Blajer