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Eyal Yanilov

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Ilya Dunsky




Feb 03 - 11 2024


09:00 - 17:00


B&B - 1520 EUR

GIC1 | Kadima, Israel

General Instructor Course Part 1 in Master Eyal’s home and studio.


Participation in the Course includes accommodation at Eyal Yanilov’s home and breakfast. Training will also be conducted on the premises, at Eyal’s private studio.

Part 1: February 3 – 11, 2024
Part 2: May 4 – 12, 2024

KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC) is a coherent and logical education process. Its thorough, multi-stage program, will equip you with the essential values, skills, and knowledge to conduct Krav Maga classes and teach the KMG curriculum.
Throughout the course, you will learn techniques, tactics, and principles that form an integrated system, as well as unique and modern teaching methodologies that will encourage your students to grow and excel. Our goal is to turn passionate and skilled trainees into dedicated and competent KMG instructors who want to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives.

The GIC is conducted in a modern blended learning concept. This includes intensive full-time training weeks to build up practical experience of the three-course levels combined with individual online learning. The full GIC is usually divided into two or three parts of physical training, depending on the host country.
Certification as a KMG Instructor proves that you are competent and that the knowledge you acquired during the course is reflected in your skills and performance. The successful completion of the program depends on meeting distinct criteria at the end of each level. The final exam includes theoretical, technical, tactical, and physical aspects, along with the practical application of your teaching skill.

What are the key benefits of the program?

Becoming a KMG instructor is a rewarding experience. You will have a positive impact on people’s life by teaching them valuable, life-saving skills. You share your knowledge and passion with like-minded people in a job that keeps you fit on many levels.
The GIC ensures that you are equipped with all the professional tools to become a great instructor, with the ability to positively and sustainably influence your trainees.

-Knowledge and skills to teach the KMG Curriculum
-The opportunity to upgrade your own Krav Maga skills with the GIC intensive training program
-Access to a global network of professionals and qualified instructors
-Access to continuous professional development with further education courses and training events
-Build and validate your Krav Maga expertise and commitment to a high-standard program, and gain a competitive edge with a visible acknowledgment of your skills
-Open or upgrade your own training business, benefit from the rich experience of KMG’s community of School Owners, and turn your passion into a profession

Full GIC Certification
A Krav Maga Global Graduate-level diploma and an Instructor Diploma, signed by KMG Head Instructor and President Eyal Yanilov, are awarded upon the successful completion of all three levels of the GIC.


P3 Level or a minimum of 3 years of experience in other martial arts with good striking & kicking capabilities. Written confirmation from the instructor and local director to participate.
In order to be certified as a KMG instructor, one must pass G1 level and Instruction test.


Participation in the Course includes accommodation at Eyal Yanilov’s home and breakfast. Training will also be conducted on the premises, at Eyal’s private studio.
Accommodation includes showers, restrooms, and a kitchenette. There are separate rooms for men and women. In each room, there are 8 cozy equipped capsule beds. There is also an outdoor swimming pool for your enjoyment.
We recommend you arrive in Israel a day before the course start date, to settle in and rest before training.

Please note that since this is a private residence, we ask you to arrive at the house during these times – from 7:30 until 21:00. No earlier or later. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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