GIC Level 2+3 | Dubai, UAE

General Instructor Course Level 2+3

Exclusive UAE Transition Course

KMG’s General Instructor Course (GIC) is renowned as being the most comprehensive in Krav Maga education in the world today. Only candidates with the appropriate abilities, backgrounds and years of training are accepted to the course. Through an extensive, multi-stage program, the GIC develops Krav Maga skills, techniques and tactics, and combines them with teaching know-how and highly advanced training methods and processes. The course is conducted in countries all over the world by KMG’s highly qualified Global Instructor Team
The total course consists of a 2 day extensive preparation weekend (mandatory), 7 days GIC Part 1, and 7 days of Part 2.

– Certification as Full GIC Instructor (Level 3)
– Successful Level 3 Instructors are awarded the full GIC Instructor diploma, the KMG Graduate 1 level and are eligible to teach KMG students up to the G1 curriculum

Pre-requisites: P3 Level or a minimum of 4 years of experience in other martial arts with good striking & kicking capabilities. Written confirmation from the instructor and local director to participate.
In order to be certified as a KMG instructor, one must pass the G1 level and an instruction test.
With the payment of the registration fee, you will receive access to the GIC online video library.


Aug 27 2021 - Sep 02 2021




United Arab Emirates
Jan Tevini


Jan Tevini

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