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Ground Fighting Course

Location: CSA, Tomsgaardsvej 28, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark

The Ground Fighting Course was created due to changes in the types of attacks we see on the street. When the average person thinks of Martial arts in today’s society, they will often think of MMA due to its popularity. The familiarity with different techniques like armbands, takedowns, guillotines is increasing. Because MMA and BJJ increased in popularity not just for professional athletes but also as a spectator sports, we see these techniques used in violent situations in the street by untrained attackers. In Krav Maga, we regularly train on Ground Fighting, but until recently, it was rarely considered in the lower level of our Krav Maga training.

The focus of a KMG Instructor or Practitioner should not be to excel in the skills of Ground Fighting for competitive purposes, but we must train and consider the skills for several reasons.
» The confidence of knowing how a competitive fighter fights on the ground will enhance your skills on the ground.
» Not knowing how to operate on the ground can be mentally devastating if one happens to end up there with a strong or more technical fighter.
» The different drills and levels of sparring will provide both instructors and students with multiple opportunities to “fight” in training, and become comfortable with someone working against you with resistance.

The GFC is a practical course with the goal of all participants to leave with actual practical knowledge, having gained some physical experience. The material will be taught at the appropriate pace, to allow participants to gain a reasonable level of proficiency.


The GFC requires that all participants hold a KMG P2 grade or above, as the course does not cover
striking and therefore expects all participants to have previous knowledge in this skill base.



Regular price 438 EUR


Oct 20 - 22 2023


438 EUR




KMG Denmark
KMG Denmark

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