Train Your Fighting Spirit with the Combat & Fighting Instructor Course

Combat and Fighter Instructor Course

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In practical terms, Krav Maga is composed of three integrated parts: self-defense; third-party protection; and fighting skills and tactics.

In the Israeli security and defense forces, Krav Maga has been successfully used to train soldiers, elite fighter units, undercover agents and law enforcement officers. However, in the civilian sector Imi Sde-Or and his top students only offered self-defense instructor courses.

In the late 1980s, an updated Krav Maga curriculum was created incorporating a wealth of new experience and knowledge gained in conventional and unconventional combat situations, as well as in civilian circumstances. Since then, our Krav Maga instructors have gained additional knowledge and experience.

So the time has come to offer our instructors and students further education. Our new curriculum covers combat and fighting skills, designated techniques, mental preparation, situation-specific tactics and advanced training methods.

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Drawing on three decades of experience, Eyal Yanilov and the KMG team have created a unique, modern and comprehensive curriculum appropriate for training today’s combat and fighter instructors. The Combat & Fighter Instructor Course (CFIC) features techniques, tactics, skills, ideas and principles that will transform students into top fighters and warriors, able to function under extreme conditions in violent, real-life situations. This high-level education will allow instructors to better educate and train fighters and warriors using updated techniques and methods primarily, but not only, applicable in the civilian sector. After taking the CFIC, instructors will also be better equipped to offer exclusive lessons and fighting classes, as well as specialized seminars.

Duration of the Instructors’ Course (CFIC): 7 days 60 hours)

Criteria and requirements:

Instructor certification for the civilian sector
Other certification is an advantage
Required Level: G-4 and up
Good physical condition and general fitness
Local director’s approval



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Seminars for Combat and Fighting Skills

Duration of the Seminars: 1-5 days, as set from time to time
Criteria and requirements: For levels P-2 and up


Testimonials about the course

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