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Touring & Training – Israel Adventure Testimonial

Touring & Training – Israel Adventure Testimonial

by Jens Cristian Andersen


I have participated in several Touring & Training events (the latest one was on May 2018) – These are by far the best tours I have been on! For me, T&T is an amazing journey packed with exploring and adventures combined with excellent training. It is truly amazing to travel and explore Israel for 10-11 days, and when it is combined with daily Krav-Maga-sessions it is a “dream-package”.

Touring & Training - Israel Adventure 2

The guided tours through a number of historic and ancient places are conducted by the very best of professional tour guides; the logistic is fantastic and the service which is provided by KMGHQ staff and their crew are excellent. Their hospitality is superb!

Krav-Maga-sessions are led by the best instructors there are – Master Eyal Yanilov, GIT Ilya Dunsky and others. The sessions are almost always outdoor-sessions, in different environments such as – the beach, narrow alleys, in parks, inside vehicles, in water, in bars, in ancient sites and many more. This, combined with the excellent instructors, provides the ultimate Krav-Maga experience. It’s awesome! KMG HQ has designed the Krav-Maga-sessions according to themes that are very actual for everyday situations and emphasize this in their teaching and training.Touring & Training - Israel Adventure 3

On the tour to the beautiful holy places and sites of Israel we meet people from all around the world, experience the Israeli culture and amazing cuisine and non the less expanding our KMG-family, by creating special bonds. This is amazing and wonderful. I got a lot of new friends through these tours, great friends.


The Touring & Training program is incredible and I definitely recommend everyone to participate – T&T gives you memories for a lifetime!

Jens Christian Andersen – Bergen Norway


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