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The TLV Adventure

The TLV Adventure

In The City That Never Sleeps


In the heart of Israel, by the sea, you will find a modern/ contemporary city which celebrates art, culture and innovation. There is something to see and experience in Tel Aviv  for everyone – various events and attractions, of all kinds, take place year-round.


The 24/7 Experience

In the culinary aspect?
The Israeli food in general and Tel Aviv’s in particular, offers culinary art from all around the world expressed by top chef restaurants and great street-food stands. These and more are considered to be one of the best cuisines in the middle east.


Tel Aviv also prides itself as the center of innovation of Israel – a Hi-Tech nation. There are numerous Hi-Tech companies and start-ups located in Tel Aviv, which demonstrate the essence of the Israeli spirit – creativity and progress. As a young nation, Israel has made a long way from its early days, of survival and construction, to a well-developed and sophisticated country. With this, Israel and Tel Aviv in it, honors its past and works hard to commemorate it and preserve old buildings. While visiting Tel Aviv, you will be able to see how the old and the new flourish side by side.

Beach Training | TLV Adventure

The new Touring & Training – Adventure TLV, will give you the opportunity to enjoy all this and much more! In five dynamic days, you will visit the must-see attractions and sites of Tel Aviv – the wonderful beaches of Tel Aviv, authentic markets, ancient Jaffa and its port, Rabin Square and much more.

We also visit the “Center for Israeli Innovation” which tells the story of the Start-Up Nation and spreads the Israeli narrative of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. The Center sparks its visitors’ entrepreneurial spirit through an interactive display of over 100 leading Israeli companies.

Most importantly – throughout the whole T&T, you will enjoy the abundant, delicious local food, which can be found all over Tel Aviv!

The T&T TLV is focusing on Tel Aviv, naturally, but not just – we will also visit Jerusalem and its most famous sites, including the Old City of Jerusalem and the well-known holy places.

And this is just a taste of the incredible experience waiting for you – see you May, for a fun 5 days in Tel Aviv!


This September, between 19-23, we invite you to discover Tel Aviv – the most vibrant and exciting city in Israel and the whole region!

For more information & registration on the upcoming “Touring & Training – TLV Adventure” , click here >>

See you soon in Tel Aviv!