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The road to success: many years of ongoing effort

Spending time with the participants of the 3 camps in Israel this summer reminds me of the following story:
Two farmers asked the village’s wise man how to find water to irrigate their fields. The wise man told them to “dig fifty meters”. The first farmer started digging.  He dug one meter, stepped sideways and dug another meter, then stepped forward and dug another meter. In this manner he dug 50 meters, until the entire area became full of one meter deep holes. The second farmer dug one hole 50 meters deep. Who do you think struck water?

I can invent similar stories about climbing up a tree 50 meters in order to see the ocean or tell you about connecting 50 logs of wood to build a floating bridge over a swamp.

But why should I? There are many living examples among us in our training camps in Israel as in many places that I teach around the world. We have great people who have been “digging”, “plowing”, training and sweating for many years. They struck water, or in other words, they elevated themselves to higher levels of understanding, performing, doing.

Such efforts these days are less common. Most people want instant results: an Instructor’s diploma in 3 days, a black-belt in 18 months, or even better, by mail. Some people think if they already have a black-belt in a certain style they can move over to another organization and tell them that they have a 4th DAN around the corner so they can be awarded a 5th DAN regardless of the fact that they received their  2nd Dan the year before. Yes, it will cost a couple of hundred dollars, but it is worth it. With sweat and bruises it will be harder and take longer. Instant relationships, instant knowledge, instant positions, instant wealth are common goals to strive for these days. Hard work and longtime investments are less so.

Despite the fact that the road to success is long and windy, there are occasions in which it is possible to get an instant recipe which opens the door for many years of good relations, regular progress and impressive achievements.

After finding the right path for you, your mindset should be: “I am here to stay, to invest to improve, to have a great journey”. It’s all about the journey. The end is very well known, and nothing goes with you to the grave, not even a single dollar :).

Krav Maga Global E-camp In Israel June 2014 - Road to successI truly appreciate those who have been with us for years. It is not easy. There are demands. There are constant efforts and investments of time, money, thoughts, sweat and sometimes tears. Hurdles and barriers are abundant, disappointments too, but also great joy and achievements. This is what life looks like when you’re on a long path.

And the benefits are huge. Not only in becoming a better fighter. For most of our long-time-investors there comes a moment where being a better fighter is a neglected wish or goal to focus on. It is just a tool. Those who persevere benefit in all walks of life: in relationships, business, peace of mind and dealing with all kind of daily conflicts that are not violent ones and still so common in the 21st century daily living. They achieve capabilities that assist them with their mental and physical state.

Respect to you guys. I wish you success in every stem and in the next couple of days, the end of the expert camp, going through testing and hard demands. We will see what will be.

Not everyone will fail, only those who make enough mistakes 🙂