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Master Tour | 3 Continents in 3 Months

Master Tour | 3 continents in 3 Months

by Eyal Yanilov


So often people say to me that flying long distance flights and teaching seems so hard. They are serious, but it makes me smile, especially when I am also jet lagged. When they ask me “how do you do it, isn’t it difficult? you seem like a machine don’t you get ever tired?” Difficult? well not really. I would say it’s actually quite easy.


Australia Tour 2018 | KMGI’m taking the Taxi to the airport, than an airplane , landing in another country airport, get picked up to an hotel or friend’s house, Teach and train with our great global community, some food and good atmosphere and back home. It’s like the “Eat, Sleep Krav Maga Repeat” slogan but on a global scale.

No rough horse or camel riding, no need of sailing or other challenges, no carriage tied to 6 horses, no boat or steam-train. Unless I can do it as a tourist on a free half day which miraculously might happen. 


who would have imagined 100 years ago that we could be able to travel alone from Israel all over the world,  to various countries thousands of miles apart? No one probably.

I’m Definitely not a machine, though I wish I was sort of a terminator (preferably the liquid one). I am certainly human, but a thinking one, contemplating, planning, conscious and feeling one. Naturally, due to so many years of training, I can activate or deactivate thoughts or emotions better than I could some years ago. Correct mental and physical training combined with hydrating, keep me rather healthy. This is part of my secret recipe for good life and work.

So, in the past few weeks I’ve been travelling to South America and Europe and these days I am travelling and training throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In many of the seminars and camps I was joined by leading GIT & IT members and witnessed a vibrant, professional students & instructors Krav-Maga community. I want to personally thank Rune L., Ilya D., Adam W., Alberto D., Massimo F. and Edwin P. Several other local instructors that made the effort , and invested their time and sweat to teach with me. Also the directors & school owners with in that have made me feel proud.

Australia Tour 2018 | KMG

In most of the events, we worked on the 3 pillars of KMG –

  • Self-defense
  • Combat & Fighting
  • 3rd part and VIP protection.
  • Obviously including the mental, physical, technical and tactical components of the system.

In order to build a student to become an expert, or even prepare you to pass P3 from zero knowledge, One has to come ready for the next level after a consistent training and learning process. A crash course weekend, training fast for a test, will most likely result in non passing. we need to train constantly and integrate the techniques, scenarios and combat mindset into our body and spirit.



How to make the best out of a KMG event?

Here 4 points  you should take into account/consideration before starting a KMG event:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally. Look at the curriculum, check within yourself, do you understand what is written? Do you know (well) the techniques, tactics, drills and simulations that are described? Imagine yourself doing what’s written. Go through the different components, ingredients and processes of each of the described sections of the curriculum and master them.
  2. Accept that you are coming to train and let yourself to go through an open minded  learning process as much as possible. Focus on what the instructor is doing, saying, demonstrating. Understand what the problem is, what are the natural responses and behaviors of the involved attacker/s and defender/s, and what is the solution.

We know that it is hard to concentrate on a specific subject for long time (over 30 minutes or so), so try to switch between techniques, tactics, subjects and methods. Take some time to practice the things you feel less strong or confident in.

  1. Don’t be shy, be proactive its part of our system’score values. Ask the GIT’s for advise, feedback and guidance. Don’t hesitate to ask again if you “didn’t get it” they are there to assist you to be a better fighter and person.
  2. Change/switch partners, Meet new people. We are a global organization where will you have the opportunity to train with others, bench mark your skill level andd most importantly make friends. remember we are a community even meeting someone from a different school can build a friendship. Enjoy it!

KOL TUV and be safe,