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When the Master Headed East

When the Master Headed East

by Eyal Yanilov


Several times a year I am traveling to a group of countries, to conduct a tour of seminars and other important activities. In April I was visiting with great pleasure, several of our countries in the Far East. Life is so easy, just taxi to the airport and then taking a flight.

No need to take ships, carriages, horses or camels. Just a few hours at 35,000 feet, one mission (safe landing) and it is accomplished.

In KMG-HQ we see this region as a strategic one, of high importance and endless potential. The population is very large, economies are flourishing, many people feel that the need for our knowledge and services, they love what Krav Maga Has to offer from self-defense, third part protection, the fitness, confidence building, inviting company and friendly comradely.

In order to serve and supply the countries better, we had a regional directors meeting. Yoav, our CEO, and I orchestrated the meeting while the directors contributed and gave their valuable input.

The directors meeting was generously hosted by our Hong Kong director, Donovan Ryan, in his family apartment overlooking the ocean. Just amazing view and hospitality. Most of our directors came. Elroy – India , Gilles – Japan, Gun – Korea, Edwin and Boon – Singapore.

Von and Yonina from China spent hours with us over Skype as they had a GIC running. Unfortunately due to sudden circumstances, Kenneth – Philippines was unable to come. Adam, accompanied by Sven – Australia and Aaron – New Zealand, came also from across the ocean (but not as far as Israel), to support and contribute.
Especially a remarkable lecture about the director’s work and mission was given by Adam (Australia), openly sharing his many years of experience.

The tour started in South Korea. If you ask yourself, do we have a branch in North Korea? The answer is simple – we are just waiting for the disarming of nuclear weapons, only because we can’t do it ourselves with a C-grip, like against a handgun or a rifle.

We had there a couple of seminars in the gym of our director Gun and his wife Haran. In Japan we had a large open seminar, as well as training and exchange seminar with the combat fitness / martial arts instructors in the academy of Japan Self-Defense Defense Force (Military), or JSDF. Very enjoyable event that they hosted in their academy. It was very great to see that nowadays the curriculum they teach is partly based on some Krav Maga.


I believe it is a very great improvement from 15 years ago when it was mostly traditional and not very relevant material for the modern military like the JSDF.
Open seminars and instructors updates I conducted in Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines. In the last we also had a demo and open seminar in the middle of a very large mall in Manila. Great PR, many hundreds of people were exposed to KMG, with newspapers, magazines and TV channel coverage.
We all witnessed that the instructors are progressing and the student are getting better.

Hard work, constant training and focusing on the mission of expanding the knowledge of Krav Maga, have paid off and KMG skills improve in the whole region.

I still have couple of larger tours this year – South America and Australia and New Zealand, “no rest for the wicked”, but there is time for this, will be after my big “vacation” in the Master Camps in Israel next month (waiting to see you all) and the July events in USA.

All the best,