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By Eyal Yanilov

Management Training with Krav Maga Global

A couple of decades ago (how time flies) I read an article describing that in MBA degrees of some of the top universities, military tactics are being used as well as teaching and using ancient books from the east (such as “Art of War” by Sun Tzu and “Book of Five Rings” by the Japanese Samurai, Musashi).

Management Training
Management Training with KMG

I thought to myself, whatever tactics they teach, no matter on which technique they talk about, I can demonstrate, instruct and let people feel it through their own body. The theory is nice, but the practice will make it much clearer. The understanding through the body will make a big difference for any manager or director who wishes to progress and improve his own skills.

I believe that we can use the modern curriculum of Krav Maga, the tactics, training methods, and especially mental preparation to both civilian and member of the governmental forces. This will help them understand better the ways of dealing with pressure, improve decision making process under stressful conditions and much more.
After delivering one seminar in Israel to high level insurance agents and brokers, I realized that this special product I’ve got in my own two hands, needs an upgrade. I had to fetch another person who can assist me with this plan. Back then, my knowledge regarding corporate sectors and management wasn’t deep enough (this was before I really started spreading KM around the world). I was in deep need of a person with profound familiarity in coaching and training managers and employees in high positions in the corporate and governmental sectors.

Finally, just like searching a needle in a haystack, I was lucky enough to find him after a year. Giora Inbar, was a retired Colonel who was the head of the Physiological Department of the Israeli Defense Forces. After retiring from service, Giora started giving services, delivering workshops and conducting coaching sessions to managers and directors from the different sectors. Giora and I started working together, creating a comprehensive program with a set of workshops and established a team that will market and teach the different workshops.

Management training

The concept was clear – training managers and corporate people towards achieving better self management using the Krav Maga principles.

In most workshops the physical and technical training is between 20-25% of the activities, the rest is talking, debating, comparing, brainstorming and discussing while creating analogies and clarifications between the two fields, corporate-world and Krav Maga. When dealing with mental preparations, we do this by dividing it to two separate layers:

  1. Corporate conflicts
  2. Dangerous physical encounters.

The business world is often being compared, and sometimes without no reason to a battleground.

Executives and managers must achieve corporate goals under constantly changing circumstances, meet urgent deadlines and leverage available resources, while simultaneously consolidating cohesive teams and leading them to success. This means knowing how to cooperate, coordinate and de-escalate, at other times how to confront and subdue, and at all times how to protect the company, their colleagues and themselves.

In such a high-pressure environment, the principles, tactics and techniques of Krav Maga are the key to effective corporate management.

To get the best results, Boardroom Warriors | Management Training combines, integrate and harmonize fighting tactics, self-defense training and various business disciplines. Guided by top-tier Krav Maga instructors and corporate coaches, executives learn how to apply lessons from the fighting arts in their professional and personal lives.


Each Boardroom warriors workshop for managers  includes first-hand experience of Krav Maga combat techniques, third-party protection tactics, mental discipline exercises, and more. Alongside the physical activity, instructors and executives discuss the implications of their training in real-life situations – both in the boardroom and on the street. Instructors also provide one-on-one feedback and group debriefings to push trainees to achieve their best.

The method of learning is not routine and frontal, but rather experiential and hands-on, translating and applying skills from different milieus – Krav Maga, fighting tactics and skills, 3rd party protection, sports, mental training, energetic balance and more – for familiarization with and acquisition of management skills. We learn through the body and the mind.

Management Training

Each training module lasts from four to eight hours and a day of training consists of one to two modules/workshops. The longer programs are combinations of several workshops, up to the maximum of 3 days of training and learning.

During the years more and more Israeli, European and international companies became part of our nowadays clients. We have been teaching the corporate managers in Israel and Europe who belong to different sectors, the private, public, governmental, low-tech, high-tech and educational organizations, systems and companies.

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