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KMG Women Power on the Rise

KMG Women Power on the Rise


We have all heard about the MeToo campaign and we often hear about woman and teenage girls being harassed. The truth is that so many are unaware of Krav-Maga being a solution for them to defend themselves and others. KMG HQ has decided that one of our main goals for 2018, is to share the knowledge of Krav-Maga to as many women as possible all around the world.

This is why this year, we are focusing on building a team of women country leaders, which will push this agenda and support our local directors and their affiliate schools. They will together create awareness and lead Krav-Maga seminars and activities focused for woman.

Another big event KMG hosts annually is the  Women Only International Spring Camp (WOISC); An amazing camp, that has been running for the past 4 years, by Gracia Ho-Asjoe and Sarah Brendlor in the Netherlands. The camp’s mission is to train and empower women students in Krav-Maga.

Women Training

KMG HQ has decided to join hands with Gracia and Sarah in order to celebrate the WOISC 5th anniversary as an international camp and to have the first women international leaders seminar prior to the camp.

KMG WOISC is a unique event, where they will all train, eat and have fun together. What makes it really special are the amazing women who attend and the family atmosphere they create.

For the first time, Master Eyal Yanilov will attend the camp and teach alongside GIT Jakub Otipka. The camp was sold out less than 1 month after we had opened the registration, this is incredible and shows the genuine need out there. you can try again next year.