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Eyal Yanilov on Krav Desert – Adventure in Israel


I started the Touring and Training in Israel Events in the mid 1990’s, over 20 years ago (time is running…). Indeed, there were few events before that but they were not really the T&T program as you know it. These events hosted small groups from my American students who came to train and received a bit of touring Israel also. The upgraded program started at the same time as I started spreading KMG in Europe in 1994 and 1995.

Israel is two-thirds desert and I, who grew up in Netanya with its beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate, was always fascinated by the desert. When my younger sister and I were kids, our parents used to take us on trips in Israel and Sinai. Many of those journeys and short vacations were in tents or small huts in the desert areas and at the south beaches of Israel that are practically touching the desert. In addition, a significant part of my military service took place in the desert area of the south and east parts of Israel.

I always wanted to combine the Touring and Training events with my fascination and love for the desert. So…Finally we are making it happen for the first time.

David (Dudi), KMG’s general manager, the team at HQ and me, designed a fabulous event, Krav Desert – The adventure in Israel. This event combines unique experiences, very interesting training sessions and visits to exceptional locations. We’ll spend one day of training on the beach in Netanya and from there on it is only the Israeli desert. We will be spending a couple of days in Eilat – a popular resort city, on the northern tip of the Red Sea; we will travel to one of World’s Wonders – the city of Petra in Jordan also known as the “Red Rock”. We will not miss Jerusalem but, this time we’ll do it in a different way than we do during Touring and Training events. The event will include navigation on mountain-bikes in the very unique Ramon Crater (a rare nature phenomena); repelling, camel riding, Jeep riding and much more

The training during the Krav Desert event will focus on the different pillars of Krav Maga: Self-Defense, Fighting Skills and Tactics; and Protection of others. This will be while taking into consideration the uniqueness of the event, the different, environments and equipment.

Krav Desert will especially focus on the solution of problems coming up in the world – Hostage Rescue and Active Shooter. The main topics that will be covered are:

  • Using Common Objects for self-defense including small objects and large ones, as bicycles
  • Hostage Rescue and Self/Defense in extreme environments and situations
  • Military related KMG techniques and tactics
  • Dealing with an Active Shooter in an urban or open area
  • Dealing with violent events in Dunes and Deep Sand (the ground as a factor in violent conflicts)
  • Training in low-light-conditions to enhance the relevant technical and mental capabilities as well as improving sensitivity and intuition
  • Dealing with unarmed and armed assaults standing and on the ground – parts from the P, G and E Curriculums
  • Mental focusing and training, using tranquil desert environment
  • And a lot of interesting and rewarding training sessions

In KMG we put a lot of thought and effort on: integrity, professionalism and innovation. We act in different ways to accommodate and give each and every one of you, whether you are an instructors or a club-member/student unique experiences and knowledge that you will never get anywhere else. This is an event that no one would like to miss or skip.

My personal advice to you: JOIN THE ADVENTURE IN ISRAEL.

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See you in Krav Desert,