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The KMG Four Pillars of Instructor Education

The KMG Four Pillars of Instructor Education

By Master Eyal Yanilov


In KMG, we offer development through education by teaching civilian sector trainees the four components that build the foundation of a future to be instructor and leader.

The first component is self-defense which is the basics, the second component is the VIP and 3rd party protection training, the third component is the Combat & Fighting tactics/techniques and the forth is the Combat Mindset & Mental Conditioning practices.

All of these are fundamental to create the best Instructor knowledge before further specialization education.

The General Instructor Course (GIC)

The GIC is designed and aimed to explain the system and its principles; the techniques of self-defense and obviously the training methods of how to teach them. Because learning how to teach Krav Maga is part of the Krav Maga Global System and Mission.

General Instructors Course

VIP/ 3rd party protection course (VIPIC/3PPIC)

After the instructor went through and completed the GIC, then he can progress to next section/ level, which is the VIP / 3rd party protection instructor course.

These programs practice the same thing, but for civilians it is more about unarmed defending of family members, friends and in some cases/ occasions, defending people who are in trouble. Trouble, meaning a violent confrontation or situation.

The VIPIC in the more governmental aspect will combine more emphasis on combined immersive situations of Krav Maga & armed tactical scenarios.

Very Important People Instructors Course



Combat & Fighting Instructor Course (CFIC)

Combat & Fighting Instructors Course

The fighting and combat, which is a more in-depth training for more complicated/ sophisticated than the attacker – defender self-defense. Here we have different tactics and techniques that aim to deal with a continuous situation, where the attacker/s try to use different skills such as searching for different openings, series of attacks.

This is not as simple as somebody who is trying to attack in a simple manner, even repetitive attacks (if somebody grabs you, tries to kick you a few times). The mentality and the approach are more tactical.

Mental Conditioning & Combat Mindset (MCIC)

In the Mental Conditioning and Combat Mindset Instructors Course, we talk about the training of the mind. Obviously, when looking at human beings we have the body – which is like the car, “the vehicle” – and the mind – which is like “the driver”. the goal of this course is to understand ways to train the driver; Our mind needs to make the decisions – to understand & withstand the stress.

The driver has to make these decisions, decide about which appreciate actions to take, then execute the actions, where the body is doing it physically/ puts these decisions into actions. So, training the mind is essential, whether for self-defense, combat and fighting and protection of others. Training the mind is important for everyday life. Training the mind is important to withstand the stress, to make decisions under problematic conditions, whether it’s at work, home or even when going shopping.

Mental Conditioning Instructors CourseThe MCIC is also offered to the public/students where we also offer it as a specialist course. This course is aimed to prepare you, to have courage, control aggression, practice persistence, but also teaches you focus and concentrate to recruit your mental resources. This way, you can execute the mission (whatever mission it is); whether it’s dealing with violent confrontation or just stress at work or at home. Last component is relaxation and defusing of destructive emotions like anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, uncontrollable desires etc. These emotions are depleting us from our mental resources.

So how do we neutralize these destructive emotions? The MCIC is essential for everybody and it is recommended to take it as soon as you can because most of us do not train regularly the mental aspects of our actions. We need to do like we do with the physical aspect, the technical aspect: people run, people jog, people ride bicycles, people work on the heavy bag, people do technical training with a partner, but mental is usually neglected.

So we need to work on the mental aspect – this is like teaching the driver how to drive correctly on the highway, narrow streets and in the country side and forest. We need to take care not only of the car – changing oil and so on – but also about the driver, who makes the decisions and takes us to where we need to go.

These Four courses – the GIC, the VIP/ 3rd party protection course (VIPIC unarmed), the Combat Fighting Course (CFIC) and the Mental Conditioning & Combat Mindset course (MCIC) – form the first batch of instructor’s four pillar education, which aims to give KMG instructors a full, complete and strong foundation of the KMG system: technically, tactically, physically and mentally.