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KMG camps in Israel – A journey by Ariel Townsend –

A journey to the KMG camps In Israel

As a developing female instructor, we asked Ariel to share her experience at G Camp in Israel last month. Ariel is an assistant instructor from the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. What follows are her thoughts and experiences from G Camp. Her candid story is a beautiful reminder of how powerful our system is, and how important the sense of community can be in supporting all our instructors and students. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ariel!


Connection & Community: Krav Maga Global
Ariel Townsend
KMG Assistant Instructor
Seattle, Washington USA

KMG camps
With Master Eyal

Logistically, attending KMG’s annual camps in Israel  made no sense. I had just run the gauntlet at GIC 2 followed by an instructor update a month later. My last G weekend wasn’t that long ago, so testing for my next rank seemed premature. Add in 20 plus hours of travel mixed with an irrational fear of flying and a travel companion who’s idea of fun was to shake my chair while screaming “we’re all going to die!” and I had little justification for attending.

But I still wanted to go. I wanted to experience Krav Maga Global outside America, where it is sometimes easy to feel isolated. Across America, KMG is growing but our schools are still few and far between. In Seattle, Washington I can count the number of instructors and associate instructors on one hand. I am also the only woman among them. Despite this, we are fiercely dedicated to KMG. The reasons why we choose to devote ourselves to what many may consider “just another self-defense system” were never more evident as they were during the week I spent in Israel.

I discovered the parts that, as a whole, transform KMG from “just another system” into a lifestyle many of us have chosen. I found them in the long days of training, in sparing on the beach, and in close quarters combat training in the stuffy hotel-parking garage. I felt these parts while rolling in the sand, fighting with my eyes closed, and while being choked underwater by a giant Norwegian. I saw them during demos with Eyal and the G.I.T., in the changes implemented to improve techniques, and in drills that challenged us to apply our knowledge in unique, realistic forms.

Most importantly, I experienced them in the sense of community. It was nerve racking at first, being only one of two Americans and knowing practically no one. It didn’t matter. Everyone wanted to improve, and help others improve. I was accepted unconditionally as another practitioner who shared the same passion and commitment to train. For the first time, I truly experienced the profoundness of KMG’s family through friendships I formed with people around the world.

Krav Maga Global is a living, breathing system. Like its practitioners, it constantly seeks to improve itself, finding its boundaries and exceeding them. It draws strength from its ability to learn and its willingness to adjust based on the needs of those who follow it. It survives through the love and dedication of its family, a bond that transcends countries and languages. Never has this been as self-evident as it was during those five incredible days. The training and insights I gained have changed how I see Krav Maga Global and myself as a practitioner; and I am proud to be apart of the driving force that will cultivate the next generation of schools, instructors, and practitioners in America.

KMG camps in Israel
Last day of G camp ceremony


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