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Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection by KMG

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Instructors Education for Military and VIP Protection

The needs and missions of modern Military or VIP Protection Units may vary from daily soldiers’ and officers’ routines, through combat in different terrains, close protection assignments (executive/VIP), peace-keeping and peace-enforcing missions, counterterrorism and rescue operations, as well as close-quarters or urban raids in the heart of enemy territory, or at the center of a densely populated city.

Well-equipped executive protection officers or military personnel are common enough, but are they also well trained to deal with different levels of conflict? Are they capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events? Are they knowledgeable how to solve violent conflicts without the use of lethal force especially in no-war times? Are they ready to function when the media and cameras are on them?


Education – The KMG Approach

Educating officers, soldiers or agents to be complete combatants is a primary concern.  It is essential, therefore, to develop determined and aggressive officer-fighters (operators) who are also considerate and level headed, capable of fulfilling demanding and dangerous tasks, as well as maintaining high levels of physical and mental resistance and stamina. Their daily routines may include a great demand for action and decision-making under very stressful conditions.
Military and VIP protection
Modern protection units, defense and military forces need the proper methods and tools to guide and educate soldiers, officers, agents and members of elite units in the development of essential technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities. Study and training in CQB, self-defense, 3rd party and executive protection, defensive tactics, hand-to-hand and close quarters combat (with or without different kind of weapons in the hand) is a key part of that education.

The Krav Maga Global approach takes all those types of training to a highest level, with proven results. KMG avoids instructional methods which train officers to be boxers and kickers who get good results in the ring, or mere operators of equipment – technicians who only know how to use firearms or other “tools” that make holes in paper targets.

The Instructors Courses that we deliver, either for governmental sector, private security, our instructors in the civilian clubs who wish to specialize in the subject of protecting others, are always most relevant, according to their needs, equipment, characteristics and risk analysis.

Curriculum includes general and specific materials, designated approach, logistically, mentally, tactically and naturally specific techniques and physical abilities.


VIP Instructor Course

Military and VIP protectionClose Protection Officers (CPO’s) are often thought to be reliant on the use of firearms to carry out their duties in a situation of conflict, or “Attack On Principal” (AOP), against a protected person. However, in a politically sensitive world, whereby the carriage of firearms is becoming more stringent, where the level of conflict doesn’t legally allow the use of firearm, or when it is too dangerous to use a firearm during an AOP, the need to possess unarmed combat and defensive tactics is a required skill for all those working in, or seeking work in, the global close protection market. For the VIP and 3rd Party Protection course, among others we present how to:

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  • Move or evacuate the VIP
  • Protect the VIP from different armed threats
  • Defend the VIP against armed and unarmed attacks using sharp or blunt objects or firearms
  • Release the VIP from dangerous grabs
  • Defend inside and around cars and other vehicles
  • Utilize weapon retention during grabs, snatches and attacks
  • Deal with multiple opponents
  • Protect fellow CPO’s who are trained too
  • Plan arrival routes and escape ways
  • And much more


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Military Instructor Course (MIC)

Military and VIP protectionThe military sector got its unique and specific curriculum and approach. Designated techniques, tactics and preparation have been the bread and butter of Krav Maga since it was established in the Israeli Defense Forces, just after the independence of the Israeli state. The formation of relevant candidates into highly professional instructors, using intensive courses has always been the heart of the Krav Maga system. We offer this to our instructors who are specialized in the civilian sector, as well as to active members of the relevant governmental units.

A unique subject designed for armed people, that is included in the curriculum for the governmental sectors, is how to function in situations where, for example, firearms cannot be discharged or are otherwise useless at close range:

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  • The weapon does not shoot (out of ammunition; jammed)
  • It is too dangerous to shoot (others, including fellow officers or a VIP, may get injured by friendly fire; close proximity to explosive material)
  • It is illegal to shoot (depending on the jurisdiction and the situation)
  • Shooting does not solve the problems and does not stop the attacker nor prevent him from inflicting damage to the officer or to others
  • Natural response contradicts and does not allow for a shooting action
  • The officer or soldier is confident and able enough not to use lethal force, in the relevant mission
  • And more.


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In the 3rd quarter of 2014 we will conduct at KMG HQ, two courses: a VIP and 3rd Part Protection Instructor Course and a Military Instructor Course. They will be done parallel in time; each will focus on own curriculum and specific material; each will have designated professional and experienced instructors and I too will conduct some of the training.


What’s in it for you?

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  • Much knowledge, experience and practice
  • Improvements of your KM skills and understanding of the techniques, system and applications in different fields
  • Getting a great feel of the foundation and roots where KM grew from, and where it is taking its fighters, warriors and officers
  • Meeting and interacting with other knowledgeable instructors from around the world
  • Getting taught by world class instructors
  • Staying with us in the beautiful HQ



I hope to see many of you here with us.

KOL TUV – all the best