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How Much Can You Achieve in 6 Days?

How Much Can You Achieve in 6 Days?

A Summary of the Expert Camp in Poland – January 2019

By Eyal Yanilov


Well, 50+ years ago Israel had a war that lasted 6 days.

We conquered over 3 times the size of our country, and we still have some issues since then. Thus, we know – much can be achieved in 6 days, if you focus your resources, work hard and smart. From the early days of Krav Maga, short courses were common and needed, especially in the military.

Devotion And Effort Pays Off

We do shorter training camps for experts, especially in central and east Europe, to accommodate the needs and resources of our instructors and students there. This January, in the city or Katowice, south of Poland, we conducted such a camp.

We had close to 40 participants from G4 up to Expert 3, most came from Poland, but not exclusively, and some were also tested. 

Commonly we train 8 hours per day, focusing on the technical curriculum, as well as the mental capabilities, fighting skills and tactics. We devout time to working to cultivate the warrior within in each trainee, focusing on returning and continuing attackers, dealing with multiple opponents, fighting with equipment, courage and fighting spirit and much more.

Ilya Dunsky and Mateusz Sog (GIT members) did an excellent work with the E1 candidates and I was training with the E2 and above. Obviously, part of the training that we conducted was for everyone together. This was intended to perform repetitions of E1 material and below, but also to introduce higher level material to everyone. This included VIP protection, hostage rescue, fighting with a weapon in the hand, neutralizing high risk threats of firearms and more.


Overall, I had great satisfaction seeing the progression of the guys and to witness how they absorb the values of KMG and why we do what we do. Indeed it is about controlling ourselves at a higher level; assist others to improve their lives and feel confident and able; improve our lives by refining the way we think, act and work with our minds, and definitely get improve our skills of how to defend and protect ourselves and others.


I trust I will see you in the near future, in other KMG activities or the Master Camps in Israel!

All the best