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The Ground Fight Course

The Ground Fight Course (GFC)

by Rune Lind


When we started making the GFC our initial thought was to provide KMG and the Krav Maga practitioners with tools also used by the competitive sports world to make their fighting skills better.

What we know is that abilities comes from practice and pushing the limit to evolve. It’s the same with weightlifting, where you have to lift a heavier barbell to become stronger. But if you lift a too heavy or  too light it will not provide the results you desire.

GFCFighting skills are the same, you need to be able to fight safely to become better without injuries.
Ground fighting provides this much safer then if you just put on gloves and punch it out. So we give more tools for our instructors and students on how to integrate this in the course and the weekly training.

We break the material down into understandable pieces and then build on this into more advanced sessions.
90% of the course is basic KMG material, and then there are some things that are just for your personal development as a fighter.
The course has been build the same way that I have been training MMA fighters for more the 20 years.

And the feedback from both instructors and students is that its one of the best courses they have done. Instructors like the structure of the course, you can basically copy it right into lessons back in your gym. Students say it’s the most fun course they have done and they come away with practical skills.

On the courses we have done so far we have had instructors repeat the course because they like it so much, and we have students from the courses signing up to do them again to improve their skills, as it is all about getting more training. It’s a 3 day intensive course giving you lots of tools. Of course you have to train on the tools after, but for students without background from competitive fighting it’s a really good and important base.