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Going to Krav Maga camps? Blog by Rune Lind

What to expect, and how to get the best time of your life.

So you signed up for a Krav Maga camp? This might be your first camp, and you might be traveling outside your own country. I´ve been to a few, and hosted even more of them. So, here are some of my tips to “survive” the long days of a Krav Maga camp.


First of all sign up for a camp you know is good quality. The instructors and host will make or break any camp. Going for the safe ones like the P, G, or E camps in Israel, the Touring & Training in Israel, the new Krav Desert in Israel, our own International Summer Camp in Norway, or any camp that has been running a few years and host well known instructors, will assure you high quality education and a well-run system behind it.


I am just about to go to Israel to work on the G and E camps and in total we are expecting almost 300 people to Israel to the different camps in June. That is fantastic. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, Israel is such a small country, where are they all going to stay 🙂 Don`t worry, David Gorin the General manager of KMG, has everything planned out. That is the quality of a good event, he runs logistics of the event while Eyal and the rest of us get to do all the fun and training.


Traveling to a camp can be an experience. Especially going somewhere like Israel where the culture, the history and the temperature can be a new experience. The travel can be long, and I know friends of mine coming from Australia and South America that are flying for 20-30 hours. Be prepared on the flight. Don´t sit still, but get up and move around now and then. And, drink lots of water. Stay hydrated.


When signing up for Krav Maga camps in Israel you will receive a letter with information from HQ before arriving about what to expect at customs and how to travel to Haifa. I`ve been to Israel many, many times and never had any problems at customs, so do not worry about that. And, traveling in the country is easy. However, Israel has a low tolerance for jokes about security. They take their security very serious, so do as you are told and answer their questions and you will be fine.


Hydration and Sunscreen

While mentioning staying hydrated on the plane, that is important to think about during the camps also. Even if you are at the Summer Camp in Norway where the temperature is in no-way near Israel, the amount of training you do every day requires a lot of fluids to keep you hydrated. So drink lots of water. There is nothing worse than being dehydrated around lunchtime and suffering a headache for the rest of the day. I know, because I´m not designed for the heat and take time adjusting to it.. 🙂 Look for me as the very pale guy (and slightly red form the sun) in the shades…


In addition, since lots of the training at any camp during summer will be outside, make sure you bring sunscreen and if you are not used to the sun, make sure you actually use it. Being active you don`t always notice the sun that much, and many people has experienced being sunburned during the camps. Obviously, in Israel the sun can be stronger than many other places.


Also, consider this; if you are used to training in clubs for 1-2 hours a few times a week, the Krav Maga camps are quite different as they offer intensive training over many hours every day. Make sure to bring some snacks to eat between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nuts, even chocolate, is allowed. Remember what happens at camp stays at camp. You will burn lots of calories so that you deserve extra chocolate 🙂


What to bring and keep it with you

At most camps we are moving around a lot. Being at different places is a great way to see the country, but it also requires you to bring your equipment with you at all times. So get a good bag that is not too big, but not too small either. Also, make sure you have control over what you bring. It is an unwanted experience to do the rest of the camp without your left glove if you lost it the first day. You probably know by now that you need a groin guard (if not remind me at camp and I will demo why you need it), but also your other protection equipment. You might need to bring extra shoes for outdoors training, water, snacks, sun lotion etc. All should go in your bag. For more information on what you should bring, look at the FAQ.


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I also recommend always bringing something to write with and on. Even if you are just there for training and not testing, or not as an instructor. There are so many hours of training and just so much information you can remember, that by the end of the day it becomes hard to remember all we did. Making small notes during breaks is a fantastic way of remembering more when you get home. Also, bring a camera for those precious memories. Please remember, if you want to film a technique, film yourself with your partner. We tend not to accept being filmed while teaching. Photos on the other hand is ok.


Friends for life

One of the benefits of going to camps outside your country or home city is you get to meet new people, all with the same interest. It is a great time to talk and train with new people from around the world. Perhaps most important; you get to start friendships across the world. I am sure some of the people you get to meet are going to be your friends for many years, and might be a reason for you to travel to a different country to train or even just to visit.


The different camps have different structures; the P, G and E camps have lots of material on the different levels, and less focus on traveling. Coming to the SummerCamp, the Touring & Training in Israel, or the new Krav Desert is more about training across the levels, seeing new and different material and experiencing new places. So choose your camp according to what you want out of the camp.



We have very little injuries during the camps, although sometime of course you get a bump and some bruises. Just make sure to take care of injuries as soon as they happen. This reminds me; the camp usually provides a medic bag with icepacks, wrapping, Band-Aid etc., and knowledgeable people who can help in an emergency, but they are there to train too and are not your private nurse. IF you still have 3 days of training you don`t want to be sidelined due to an injury you could have taken care of yourself the day before. If you have special needs regarding medical conditions and allergies I suggest you consult your doctor before you leave so you can take the necessary precautions.


Also please take care of your partner. We are training many hours during the camp so you might be tired at the end of the day, but make sure you always have good control when attacking etc. Accidents happen when you least expect it. I would know, having been injured since last fall due to an accident in training. So stay safe and have fun.


Testing and grading

Are you planning to test at the camp? Come prepared! The camp is great way to fine-tune the last bit before the test, but you should know the material before you come. Don`t go through the camp being all «I might test, I haven`t decided yet». Make a decision, stick to it, and enjoy the process. If you are not testing you can enjoy the event without the pressure of the test in the end. If you are testing, decide in the beginning and know that you will make it. Don´t worry if you fail. The most important is not the test at the end, it is the time at the camp; it is the people you meet and train with. Testing you can do anytime. Going to a camp you might not do as often, so decide before you go and enjoy the experience regardless of your goal.


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Please remember to bring your KMG passport to the camps to be signed by the staff. It is a memory you really want in your KMG passport 🙂


IF you follow these simple tips, you will enjoy your stay at one of our camps. It will be a memory for life and you will learn lots of material.


I`ll see you somewhere, I hope!! 🙂


Rune Lind
Expert 4
KMG Global Team member and Director of KMG Norway