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GIT Training & Education – December 2018 Israel

GIT Training & Education
December 2018 Israel


Earlier this month we hosted our Global and International Team of Instructors (GIT) in Israel, for the annual “GIT Meeting”. The five days meeting, consisted of various lectures, lessons and training sessions, both indoors and outdoors. The event was conducted by Master Eyal Yanilov & supported by CEO Yoav Gaon, alongside GIT members who shared their knowledge and a guest lecturer – Israeli actress Moran Rosenblatt.

GIT Training - 2018


The GIT meeting is an important event, which provides our GIT members with updated theoretical and practical information. This is crucial for their ongoing training and learning process. The meeting also provides an opportunity for GITs to get together, share ideas and update each other on professional matters and personal experiences.

Master Eyal Yanilov lectured on several theoretical and practical topics at HQ office. GIT Training - 2018 At a nearby gym associated with KMG Master Eyal prepared the team on curriculum for “Instructors Updates” that will be delivered in 2019. He also led hours of expert level training sessions, lectures and sessions focused on updated techniques, checkpoints, tactics and principles. In addition, Zeev Cohen lectured on the fast learning processes and kinesthetic ways of correcting mistakes of trainees; Ilya Dunsky lectured on our new testing guide and understanding body language; Rune Lind instructed a ground fighting lesson; Jan Tevini has shared his knowledge on leadership and progression of organizations; Dr. Tal Kvores lectured on medical conditions and their influence on trainees, Lital Zastlin shared with the team, her experience in coaching of striking in the GYM.
Moran Rosenblatt (Israeli actress and winner of best actress) lead an acting workshop, for the GITs. The workshop provided our top instructors with tools how to better demonstrate situations and simulations in courses, seminars and updates they instruct, as well as speaking in front of a camera or an audience.


GIT Training - 2018

Moreover, these acting exercises were meant to assist with changing one’s state of mind quickly and drastically, so they can always be prepared and alert. All of this is aimed to provide better education for our instructors all around the world and share the KMG best practices & knowledge with students.



Looking forward to GIT Meeting 2019!