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Enhanced Experience – Master Camps 2019

Enhanced Experience – Master Camps 2019


Master Eyal Yanilov has decided this year to maximize the camp experience with the following:

  • One extra training day in P&G camps with KMG top GIT’s
  • 8-10 Krav-Maga training hours a day!
  • Structured meal times between the training and rest in your rooms
  • Advanced materials: VIP, Closed Quarters Battle (CQB) and Night-Training
  • Fun training activities: Krav-Maga in the pool, paintball shooting and more
  • Meeting our global community from more than 60 countries



About the camp location & facilities:

HaGoshrim resort is a 5 starts hotel, located in one of the most beautiful and touristic areas in Israel.

The resort offers its guests: 

  • 3 full meals a day (full board) prepared by the hotel’s chef
  • Well equipped fitness gym and training center
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Beautiful lawns to relax in the sun
  • Large rooms with free WIFI
  • all included in the hotel special price package for KMG camp guests


Additional fixed discount attractions available for KMG guests:

  • Hotel Spa message and rejuvenation treatments
  • 4X4 tours
  • Bicycle tours
  • Kayak rowing adventure


About the surrounding area:

The hotel is located in the Northern Galilee region of Israel, a 1.5 hour drive from Haifa.

The nearest cities are Quiryat Shmona 11 min, Metula 14 min drive.


Nearby attractions to the resort: 

Local Pub – 3 min walk

Grocery store – 3 min walk

Coffee shop & restaurants – 10 Min Walk

Ice cream shop – 10 min walk

Escape room – 10 min walk

Shim’s place – Hummus and Meat-10 min walk

Shopping mall – 5 min drive

Superstore (grocery) -5 min drive

Kayak experience – 6 min drive


Nature Attractions:

Hachula Nature Reserve – An enchanting combination of birds, plants and rare fish reserve
The Reserve includes hiking trails and bird watching sites. (15 min drive)


Manara Cliff – a place suited for adventure & extreme sports lovers – (20 min drive)

Flying balloon observator– 10 min drive