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Eat, Sleep, Krav Maga, Repeat

 Eat, Sleep, Krav Maga, Repeat

General Instructors Course in Israel

A guest blog by Marianne Brink


I have been on a very exciting and life-changing journey for the last 3.5 years since I started training Krav Maga. At that time, I had a desire to be able to pass it on to others.

Then, last year it was decided that I would go on the instructors course, and after that decision was made, the next big step was to decide where and when to take the General Instructors Course (GIC).

For me, this turned out to be a very easy choice, when I found out that it was possible to do the GIC in Israel, the birthplace of Krav Maga. Israel is the a land I have completely fell in love with since I started practicing Krav Maga and began going there for the annually Master Camps in Israel events.

KMG GIC Israel (Marianne Brink) 2So, all the arrangement were made, and in September 2016 I went to Israel for the first 12 days of the General Instructors Course.

It was however with a lot of anticipation and curiosity.

I have arrived at Eyal’s house, where I was going to spend the next 12 days with my fellow participants. Sleeping, eating and training, mostly.

As we were a relatively a small group of 10 people, we were able to use both the gym and the accommodations in Eyal’s house, which made it very convenient but also made it an intense experience, where you more or less cannot quit the Krav Maga bubble for the duration of the course.
No matter where you went for these 12 days, there would be someone either reading the manual or related topics, training techniques, preparing lessons, or doing some other activity related to Krav Maga or the course, so you don’t just do a course, you eat, sleep and breathe Krav Maga.

The participants on the course turned out to be a very equally yet diverse group – 5 men and 5 women, arriving from Turkey, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and of course Denmark ranging from almost little Krav Maga experienced participants up to G3 – which actually gave it new perspectives. I am a huge fan of getting different perspectives as I find it gives me greater insight.

For me, it was also a real treat, that we got different instructors on the course, with very diverse focus on the training, and very different teaching styles.
Thus, in the very capable hands of Pavel, Ilya and Eyal, we started our journey towards becoming instructors.

And what a journey, I have a hard time not to get over enthusiastic when I talk about this course, but it is really a fantastic course, where you really get to dig into the material and you get so many new aspects of it, and of top of that, you get to challenge yourself both mentally and physically. The most important thing from all of that, is seeing your own growth professionally and mentally!

Moreover, this experience also gives an insight into how much more there is to learn, and how this course is only the start towards becoming an instructor.

I also have to give a huge thank you to all of the KMG HQ, even though part of it had moved to the new location, you really took care of us, and as you always do, really made us feel at home, and as part of the family – even though, that we at times we might have looked like the exhausted, overwhelmed teenager of the family walking around like zombies 🙂

The last 12 days of the course were conducted at the end of November, when we returned to Israel, with small changes to the cast – the guys had a few substitutions/reinforcement, as we had new participants from Greece and South Korea coming in, and on the instructor side, Moran joined in, and we had a small guest appearance from Albert – which for us it meant we were back to business, and back into the bubble of eat, sleep, Krav Maga, repeat.

And for me, it was a special treat, to celebrate my 50th birthday on this course, doing exactly what I love the most, topped with a nice dinner out with all the other participants and part of HQ.

After 24 days of sweat, training, absorbing knowledge, teaching and testing there was only one thing I was sad about ….

It all had to come to an end!!!


Join the General Instructors Course, it will only make you a better Krav Maga fighter!


All the best,

Marianne Brink