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Do You Want to Master Your Striking? – by Tommy Blom

Do You Want to Master Your Striking?

By Tommy Blom, E5


Over the years as a senior instructor, a fighter and a global Instructor team member (GIT), I have seen that the physical and motoric skills of our students are not enough. This, together with a fast pace increase of our organization, reaching all around the world and the fast-growing student and Instructor base number in both trainings and gradings, has brought with itself a challenge which is to upgrade our KMG community’s striking quality and combat abilities.

Striking Course

The goal of the NEW Striking Course is to create a focused striking training program that will help the KMG community improve their striking and motoric skills globally. All of us which have been so many years training with KMG, know that Krav Maga in essence is first and foremost a striking, kicking and defensive-offensive system. In so many of our self defense and personal protection techniques and tactics the striking is an irreplaceable component. This makes powerful striking skills and movement a foundation for the whole system. In other words, if after being attacked or grabbed you made a good defense or release, (when moving away or de-escalating is not an option) you need to strike or kick hard and effectively to prevent the aggressor from continuing with his dangerous actions, that is the essence of it all.  If your strikes are not efficient, if your attacking actions look bad, all you do looks bad and practically not successful.

The course is built as a three-day workshop that is targeted to all P2 levels and up trainees and obviously for instructors. The aim for making it open for all is that we want to reach and improve all members of our KMG community, students and instructors alike. It can also be introduced as an Instructor training/update or seminars. As our experience in the last year with Rune’s Ground Fighting Course, if you want to get better in something focus on it!  striking course

The course will cover topics as: Brain/Body connection; Upper/lower body coordination; Footwork and stances; Striking (upper and lower body); Power generation; Focus mitts work – to improve skills, reactions and decision making; Using focus mitts to coach the partner – for striking as well as for improving skills in basic and advanced KMG techniques; Body hardening; and develop and improve correct breathing during striking.

The course components will be theory and active training. Theory components include: Human movement & power generation through torque; Tension and relaxation; Understanding kinetic chain and bio-mechanics;

For those of us that join the training, the required training gear is: KMG uniform, groin protection & mouth Gourd, MMA gloves, Boxing Gloves, shin guards. Focus Mitts will be available on site.

I wish you great and joyful training.

Master your striking skills!!!


The Striking Course will be held in Tenacity Tactical Strength Gym in Gothenburg Sweden, 15-17 March!

Price for 3 training days:

Eearly Bird special discount 295 Euros for KMG Members Only

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Kida, Tommy!