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Defending Ourselves Anywhere With TRANSIC

Safe Transportation and CQB instructors’ course

by Krav Maga Global


When we reflect upon violent events during the last decades, in Israel and around the world, we observe many violent incidents that are taking place in and around vehicles. From road-rage to carjacking; from raping a hitchhiker to robbing or assaulting drivers; from unruly passenger on board an airliner endangering everyone, to terrorists attacking bus, subway or tram passengers, to random stabbings in a central train station.

A large number of attacks are also committed within confined spaces such as apartments, offices, shops, bars and restaurants.


The Whole Package

A complete solution when it comes to dealing with attacks inside or within proximity to vehicles or otherwise confined areas. KMG’s safe transportation training program, prepares you to various types of events: when you have to deal with violence in or around public transportation (taxi, bus, train, tram, airplane) or your private vehicle (SUV, car, bike) or when in a urban area and inside buildings (stairs, room, home, office, corridor, elevator, underground parking lot).

Obviously, we need to be knowledgeable, capable and experienced in order to deal with any kind of attack. So first, we start with the fundamentals: the how to react appropriately to an “easier attack” – when you are not physically limited and with the ability to move and act. Then, as time passes and we continue with training, we must get familiar with functioning under stress and in changing conditions. Among others, we should practice different variations of solutions against different problems, according to the principles we acquired in Krav Maga. Therefore, we practice under increasing stress, while experiencingTRANSIC Moscow 2018 restricted moving ability, as well as higher physical and mental loads. For example: defending knife attacks near a wall or by a table; escaping a choke while sitting on a bench in the park or behind a restaurant’s table or bar; defending a pistol threat when behind the wheel of a car or as a passenger; defending a family member when sitting in a bus, standing in a tram/subway or cramped in an airplane’s window seat; functioning correctly when our bus driver is attacked and the wheel turned towards the opposite lane, or a fellow passenger is attacked with a broken bottle; defending punches and kicks when standing near a corner of a room, when opening a door to pass from the corridor to the room, and many such situations.



Preparing Ourselves To Everyday Situations

To tackle the above, we created the Safe Transportation and CQB instructors’ Course (TRANSIC) – to extend the knowledge, experience and educational arsenal of our instructors. The course is about how to prepare their students for such cases; and give specific highly interesting and relevant to everyday life seminars; Conducting regular training, in which the instructor adds techniques and drills to improve the student’s way of functioning in related situations (as mentioned above) adds value and a sense of ability to the students.

Generally, instructors don’t have a public vehicle available or professional CQB training facility to train in. However, it is possible, appropriate and rather easy to teach and drill the students in the gym with existing equipment: close to walls, inside and around corners, sitting on chairs, organized in rows, or behind an obstacle. Such training can be done in every gym, in a work environment, yard or a parking lot. Indeed, this sort of preparation of instructors – what and how to teach within regular class and daily training environment, is an integral part of the TRANSIC.

TRANSIC - Moscow 2018 (2)Safe transportation training started by identifying a need for a KMG solution on the go, meaning when you are in a transport mode. It started in the IDF, teaching female soldiers how to avoid danger or problematic hitchhiking, and how to defend themselves in case they were attacked; teaching bus drivers when terrorists were targeting buses in Israel. Recently, we have been teaching instructors and Air-Marshals, Special Forces, VIP Protection units and Bus protection undercover units. All the mentioned needed to function at a high level when confronting violence in and around vehicles, in CQB conditions and save civilians or passenger lives.

The first TRANSIC was held in Australia. Since then, we improved and changed the course to include some additional materials and the course is now offered in various countries to our KMG instructors and we commonly accept KMG students for the first few days of the course.


We also have an open seminar on safe transportation that proved to be a great success in attracting new target audiences such as kids, women and the general public. Eyal has led it with Alexei and Pavel in snowy Moscow with great success, bringing around 100 people to train with us and the feedback was that it was a great and an important experience.