Eyal - KMG HQ (About HQ)
Master Eyal Yanilov Chief Instructor & President

• Head of company • Courses and Training Development • Brand & System Champion • KMG Global Crusader, GIT Leader

Jan Tevini CEO

• Creating, communicating, and implementing KMG's vision, mission, and overall direction • Leading the development and implementation of KMG's organizational strategy • Overseeing all operations • Leading, guiding, and evaluating executive leaders

Ronnie New KMG
RONNIE YANILOV CFO & Accounting Manager

• Payments & Calculations (Monitor, Control, Debt/Refund Handling) • Accounting, Payment Invoicing/Crediting (Directors/G.I.T/SP) • Banks and Accounting Firm Handling • Legal & HR Issues • CEO Support

Daphna Bayer Marketing Manager

• Marketing media campaigns • Social media operator • Creative content and graphic • Marketing and creative support for KMG worldwide branches • Operation of events in Israel