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Krav Maga Womens Instructor Course (WIC)

The Krav Maga Womens Instructor Course (WIC) has been developed to meet the specific needs and requirements to help instructors teach women. The techniques are suited to women and are characterized by their effectiveness even from a position of physical disadvantage, providing the needed self-defense against violent sexual and criminal attacks. The need for women to develop self-defense abilities is especially pronounced nowadays.  Women are independent, travel around the world and live alone in urban areas, while they are offered less protection than in past generations. 

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Course Details

The Krav Maga Womens Instructor Course (WIC) is a five (-5-) day course and it is open for active KMG instructors who have passed their GIC. This course is constructed to fit the needs for women specific curriculum, how to conduct self-defense seminars for women and how to approach women specific attacks and threats.


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Course Development

The development of the women’s division in KMG was entrusted by Eyal Yanilov upon the capable hands of Gracia Ho-Asjoe and Meyrav Bar Haim. Together Gracia and Meyrav have more than 20 years of martial arts background and experience in teaching both mixed classes and women-specific seminars and instructor courses around the globe.


Benefits for Instructors and School Owners

KMG’s Certification for Women Instructor offers the opportunity to:

  • Build a sense of empowerment by teaching practical self-defense skills to women, while nurturing characteristics such as self-confidence, courage, self-control, education, helping others, etc.
  • Assist in the development of the clubs core of students and potential Instructors.
  • Build a holistic “community” which includes, in addition to the women, their parents and families.
  • To grow the business and significantly increase the client base in a relatively short period.


Click here for a list of upcoming Krav Maga Womens Instructor Courses (WIC)


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