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General Instructor Course (GIC) Enrolment Form

    Instructions for filling in the form

  • Please press Tab on your keyboard to go the next cell. For Yes/No answers simply point and click to make your selection. If you require help with this form please email admin@krav-maga.com.
  • Course Details

  • KMG P-3 and higher or 4 years background in martial arts with good punching and kicking abilities; an interview with a KMG representative.



  • Invoice Details

  • Clear Record Declaration




  • I wish to participate in the nominated KMG Instructor Course. I acknowledge that if I withdraw from the course I will be charged a €100 cancellation fee. I understand KMG has the right to refuse any applicant. If for any reason KMG cannot conduct the course, all money paid will be refunded. I understand my participation will be ensured only after the full payment is made.
  • I also acknowledge that acceptance into the course and payment of the course fee carries no guarantee that I will pass the course or be awarded any grade or certification. I also understand that I must conduct myself whilst attending the course in accordance with the KMG Instructor Code of Professional Conduct and that failure to do so could result in my not be awarded any certification or in severe cases being asked to leave the course with no guarantee of refund of any course fees paid.

  • KMG wishes to advise you that Krav Maga is potentially dangerous. This is an important document that affects your legal rights and obligations. Read it carefully and do not agree to it unless you are satisfied you understand it.
  • I, the under signed, with the knowledge that training Krav Maga involves some potential danger, agree to occupy and use the premises of KMG and hereby release to the full extent of the law KMG (including all staff) and its agents, servants, contractors and employees from all claims and demands of every kind in respect of or resulting from any accident or damage to property or injury or death that I may suffer in the premises or the building for which KMG is or could become liable.
  • I will and do hereby indemnify KMG, their agents, servants, contractors and employees from and against all action, claims, demands, costs and expenses for which KMG its agents, servants, contractors, and employees shall or may become liable in respect of or arising from: (a) Loss or damage to any property of the undersigned which may be within or without the premises of KMG. (b) Loss, damage, injury or death from any cause whatsoever to property or person caused or contributed to by the use of the premises of KMG, or their contractors by the under signed. (c) Loss, damage, injury or death from any cause whatsoever to property or person within or without the premises of KMG or the building occasioned or contributed by any act, omission, neglect, breach or default by KMG its agents, servants, contractors, employees, invitees or licensees to the undersigned.


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