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The most comprehensive Specialist course

3 days, 25 hours of insights, non-stop learning, experiencing and improving

Designated for: KMG instructors Krav Maga and Martial Arts Instructors, and Black Belts of high standards SWAT and Law-Enforcement DT instructors
Military Instructors, Officers and Leaders Business coaches with background in competitive sports, Martial Arts, Military/Law-Enforcement

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As a participant of this course you will get deep knowledge and understanding, originated both in ancient and recent times, from modern psychology and training methods of Special Forces, Police, Military and undercover agents, as well as from the corporate sector, in Israel and from around the world.

This qualification and experience is a must have for every Krav Maga, Martial Art, D.T., CQC , and Corporate Instructors and Coaches Experience first-hand teaching by world class expert instructors

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For information and to sign up please email us at: admin@krav-maga.com


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