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Who are the Global and International Team members and what is their role?


The Global and International Teams of Instructors (GT and IT) were set up by Eyal Yanilov to answer the need for continuous education of new instructors, governmental agencies, special operation teams all over the world and in all aspects of the field (Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, VIP- protection, Air Marshals etc). The teams are composed of selected, top level instructors with vast experience in teaching Krav Maga. The members of the teams operate all over the world. The teams are responsible for teaching civilian instructors, testing students and high level grades and Experts, as well as teaching Defensive Tactics, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Self-Defense, CPP and Fighting Skills – for all sectors of the Military and Law-Enforcement, VIP protection, SWATs and Intervention Teams, Anti-Terrorist Units, and Security Personnel. We conduct ongoing and in-service programs, Establishment and control of training systems for the above units and qualification of in-house instructors.

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