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Each DVD contains the curriculum of a specific level, from the fundamental techniques to the simulations and the fighting drills :

Practitioner Level 1

  • Krav Maga basics
  • Preventing, de-escalating and avoiding violence
  • Handling frontal attacks
  • Striking in multiple directions
  • The human body as a weapon

Practitioner Level 2

  • Progressing in Krav Maga
  • Handling attacks from behind and the from side
  • Defense against a variety of attacks
  • Handling various confrontational situations

Practitioner Level 3

  • Developing the Krav Maga spirit
  • Handling armed and unarmed attacks
  • More advanced techniques
  • Training methods and simulations to increase confidence and experience

Practitioner Level 4

  • Enhancing your Krav Maga.
  • Escaping common grabs and holds.
  • Stick defenses.
  • Improving your fighting skills.

Practitioner Level 5

  • Becoming a better fighter.
  • Advanced kick defenses.
  • Improving ground self defense and fighting.
  • Protecting a third party


This is a series of self-defense training DVDs, featuring the world’s top Krav Maga instructor, Master Eyal Yanilov. Eyal and his team of instructors took advantage of their vast years of international real-world experience to create the single most comprehensive set of Krav Maga training DVDs ever offered. Now, you can benefit from the highest level of training, cutting-edge developments in Krav Maga instruction and in-depth understanding of the system. Structured according to the KMG syllabus, each DVD presents real Krav Maga straight from the source, including:

  • In-depth explanations of techniques and the principles behind them.
  • Unique Krav Maga training methods.
  • Concepts, tactics and practical guidance for realistic self-defense simulations.
  • The theory behind the Krav Maga system, filmed on location in Israel– Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, the Carmel Hills, and more.
  • A short documentary on the rich history of Krav Maga – from the streets of pre-war Europe, where Imi had to defend himself and others against violent fascist thugs, to the modern system used in training facilities of elite combat units across the world.


These volumes are planned to be released during 2014.



KMG’s DVDs can be purchased at: krav-maga.com/products/dvds as well as in our virtual storewww.kravdepot.com or with your local director or instructor.




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