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Arrival from airport to the hotel in Haifa



The best way to get to the hotel from the airport is via train. It takes one hour and fifteen minutes to get by train to the hotel.

The train departs from the arrival area at the airport (signs will be there). There is a direct train from the airport to Haifa, you will need to get off at the first stop in Haifa called “Hof Ha’carmel”. Once getting off the train you need to go to the western side of the station (the side where you will see the sea).

You can take a taxi from there to the hotel, it is about 1.5 kilometers distance so it should cost about 15-20 shekels (about 4 euro). Those of you who feel like you want to walk the distance are also welcomed, keep walking north on the shoreline until you get to the hotel.

The train is active through all days of the week but is closed from Friday afternoon until Saturday night.


Service taxi

Available 24/7

Name: “Amal Taxis

Cost: 106 Shekels (27 Euros) – Per one person

Location: Airport G level in front of gates 1-3.

Once you get on the taxi, provide the driver with the Golden Crown Hotel’s specific address, and he will drop you right at the entrance of the hotel.


Special taxi

Very expensive around 100 euro. Not recommended unless you are a group of 3-4 and that way the cost is split.


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